Thursday, March 25, 2010

avon catalog march 2010

Php69 toner blue algae and bamboo was so cheap,but im still hesitant to buy,it might not have real ingredients in it

this am pm solutions on the left is only Php350 a set so tempting!
cant find the blog where i saw a good review about the poreperfecting toner on the right

I always read lea's articles in the inquirer newspaper,she's endorsing anew rejuvenate now,i wonder if its any good?

Anew clinical advanced retexturizing peel is so intriguing


Been very curious about avon products lately so i bought a catalog for only Php12.oo

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Olay Natural White

Olay Natural WHite healthy fairness day cream non greasy formula

closer look

it absorbs fast! its not greasy contrary to this pic,i spread it to show the texture
I just finished my human heart nature day moisturizer and im having that "looking for a new product to try" phase again =) and the first product i tried was Olay natural white,i just saw this in my local friendly pharmacist when i was buying my kids diaper,it was only Php75! in 20g just the right amount for trials size,i think all beauty products should have trial sizes, we should get to try things first before we purchase expensive products,i wouldnt wanna shell out a lot for a new product,worrying it might not suit me later on. I'm naturally fair,and i dont need whitening products,but i think this product was talking to me when i was reading the box.#'s 2,3,4 and 5 was the reasons i bought it and of course the Php75/$1.56 on..WHen i was going home,i passed by a local grocery and saw the exact same thing for Php95!
It also contains sunscreen ingredients but doesnt say how much,only UV protection,no UVB .I guess this will do when ur indoors.