Sunday, April 7, 2013

Forever21 clean-up sale-WHATS on sale?

Here's whats in store at the forever21 phillippines
whats 50% off that is
makati and mall of asia branches

makati branch was a mess!
mall of asia was relaxing and looked like a regular boutique day but with sale ongoing!

Friday, February 15, 2013

People are People outlet store

People Are people's outlet store is in glorietta,old post herei was surprised to see another one in Robinsons Place Ermita! near hush puppies!
I manage to take some photos from outside their store,because there was a huge sign inside posted in their wall that says "no taking pictures" dang| haha

Friday, January 25, 2013

Charles and Keith Manila sale 2013

This baby is mine! so i was scouring over charles and keith branches all over the metro since they had that red sale sign up in their stores,i saw mostly 20% to some 50% off shoes that didn't caught my fancy,there were some nice ones but it was slashed 20% only

I was surprised to see this beauty more than 50% off,from Php3450,i bought it for P1,199!!!!i wonder why it was slashed that much,lucky i guess? also comes in gray,which is also a beautiful color,just because of the quality leather it was made from.

got to take this picture by their window display,both shoes here are on sale too,around P1500, after discount...
Also saw these designs on sale around P1,199 and P 1,500...

once again...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cache Cache Philippines sale-what's in store

jacket is P1100 sale price

maxi dress was P850 sale price,i thought i liked it,but i look big in the tummy area hehe

jacket with the denim maxi

Mint is so in! but their clothes screams school girl...P450 from 999

Orange was a lot better on my skintone but it seems that i see orange almost everywhere,im getting tired of the color =( P450 from P999

OOOhhhh...P350 after discount,nah...sooo teeny bopper style,

skirt P650 after discount,its in XL thus explaining the ugly fitting on me.

I don't know if i can pull off a polka dotted dress,ugh! anybody have a lil sister?

On model.Credits to cache cache Ph for this photo

P200 top with P450 bottom skirt.

Didn't get anything from there,just so you know,I'm on a budget...and on a buy only what you need,or would wear situation haha!
Cache Cache PH facebook page==?HERE

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mango Philippines end of season sale

Mango really has stepped up,and i think this is all because of the bloggers features,they brought back the brands' name,use to be people where lining up to get their signature tees,the one with the "mango and you" printed in front,i knew then that a lot of my friends where absent from work just to get their hands on mango sale items,there where always a line for sizes,another line for the fitting room and another long line for the cashier,gone were those days,I dunno what happened but mango lost its appeal then,even if they had the hollywood endorsers,it was still not "PATOK" like before. Until these local bloggers gave them the brand quality and their clothes being sought after once again,this is from our countries point of view. So when i got to their branches,tons of beautiful clothes where once again,candy to my! i forgot how they always have quality material,and stitching where superb,no loose stitches like f21..shhhh but their bags are another story,its still hasn't regain its appeal.

Im still on the hunt for their loose picture tees,i had no luck with sizes.

got this belt,their belts are really nice quality

look at the price after discount.they gave me free sample of tresemme!

but i was desperate to get those army green tees and got this in large! i know it will look good on a pair of leggings or skinny pants. a nice fitted skirt will give it oomph! ohhh sexy with booties!

a little outfit of the day,
my uber favorite black sheep top
and random leggings
celine necklace
payless boots

i love that they update their site! i can see how the clothes look like on the models,and how to wear it==> HERE

Friday, January 18, 2013

Forever21 Further reduction sale Jan 2013

Forever21 Philippines,Now where talking!
Further reduction sale ongoing and you wouldn't believe how much this dress costs!

the back is low cut,but you can always wear a inner tube,but one reason why this was onsale,despite of the full lining,thick material,the low back made the sides of the armhole loose,its because there's nothing to hold the widen open back together,but wit the price,i have a remedy! Let's see if i can post an after pic if i have this repaired.

so P1435 less 50%off P719 less further reduction equals to P359.50! what?!!!!!

this necklace i found was in the sale corner of their store,its was already 50%off
P358 down to P179,Further reduced to P89!

see the tag?

so here's the promo ad of Forever21 PH in their fb site.

Remeber this tube top from my previous post? HERE
it was P718 less 50% off,now with the further reduction, i grabbed it for P 179.50!!!

I forgot to pick this up! saw it in the racks,dang it! my post before HERE