Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ellana samples

I'm an avid user of ellana,the benefits of makeup plus healing properties of minerals as they say,i usually get it from a friend of mine Genevieve co.but the main ellana site sends free samples to people who wanted to try their products,you just need to pay P50 for the shipping fee. I wanted to see what they will send me,and so i can also try other shades of foundation,the thing is,i really love their intensive coverage,it is mattifying, oil absorbing,you can add more products for heavy coverage,it really is a fondation in powder form,but its suppose to be for oily skin individuals and the pure blend one is for dry skin,i have dry skin,problem is...pure blend is almost like a finishing powder where you use on top of a liquid foundation or bb cream,and it doesnt do anything for the redness around my nose,it doesnt last long like the intensive one,it doesnt cover much.
i signed up for the free samples and i picked cool tone as my skintone,wrong!!! the shades they gave me does not suit me,its my fault cause i didnt really know if i was cool or warm toned.i just know that the best shade for me was cafe breve. They sent me chai tea,and peach coffee shake,chai tea turns darker on me after almost 2 min after application,and peach coffee shake was alright,it can fades after an hour or so,maybe because its the pure blend kind. But the sample that irked me was the blush shade doll!! Oh my its orangey on me,with brown,it made my whole foundation application orange! thats how horrible it was on my skintone,i only applied it on my cheeks but it literally turned me orangey,see how powerful a blush can make your whole face..i never touched it again! i think this will be nice on the right person,the right skintone.but for me...nah...

Oh! i was surprised to see a friend of mine as their model! Angela Leonar,she's very simple pretty without makeup but her beauty shines when she's nakaayos or made up,this picture does not do justice to her true beauty.

A swatch of doll on my hand,see!!! my whole hand turned orange! haha

Monday, August 22, 2011

Forever21 sm makati 2011 sale

Went to forever21 last day of the 3 day sale period in Sm Makati branch,hubby bought me a forever 21 gift card before cause he did'nt know what to get me..I was hoping for a miracle that i can get a couple of shoes but failed! saw a few tops i liked which was half off,but my size was oos! bummer! but i get to buy this awesome jumpsuit that was hanging in the rack of the dressing room area,
**tip tip go straight to the dressing room and pick up those clothes ppl tried on but did'nt get,chances are they regret not getting those already.
i was in love with the jumpsuit! i owned 3 jumpsuits already in different styles and colors,but i just cant get enough! they're so easy to wear,super comfy,no fuss and so stylish! also got a pair of jeans,flared jeans which was not on sale...

I noticed forever21 have the brightest colors,compared to clothes we have locally,these colors are hard to find
look how bright this purple/magenta/violet jumpsuit is! best thing,its half off!!!

i also saw these shoes on sale,it was pretty but the heels were sky high! didnt get those

saw this top,but i think these styles are slowly creeping in the backseat,way way back hopefully,didnt get those too

Flared jeans are coming back! loved how this fits me nicely,and is not too high nor too low waisted,price is to beat,even it was not on sale

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tonymoly silky glaze speedy hair color in 01

I colored my hair DIY style,using this Tony Moly silky glaze speedy hair color in shade 01 Natural Brown the lightest shade available,other shades were 02-dark chestnut and 03 Natural Black.
This is a shampoo type hair color like the popular liese,palty and prettia bubble dyes,all of those are shampoo type hair colorings but unlike the photo in the box,my tonymoly one did not lather at all,and my hair dye turned out in the blackest black hair ived ever seen!i already had a diy hair dye before,using the revlon colorsilk luminista,i think i used the light golden brown (I originally wanted to use Etude House Bubble hair coloring,but the lightest shade was always out of stock)
I always sport a light shade for my hair,every three months i go to my favorite salon and my hair dye always cost P2000,imagine how expensive it was. i was glad to hear about bubble hair dyes,although i hate coloring my hair on my own coz my towels get dyed,its messy and its so hard to wash off that dye its on my tiles everywhere!
Here's how i used the dye; your suppose to use the plastic gloves to protect your hand,which did not happen,my nails turned black even with gloves on,it was so hard to remove,they provided a plastic cover sheet for your shoulders thats a plus! and a plastic container to mix it with. squeeze out two tubes in the container provided mix it with your hands with gloves of course,and apply evenly through your hair,and lather like your shampooing,again this did not lather at all.
I made sure i called a tonymoly branch,and i was able to contact the one in fairview,they said to leave it for 5 minutes but i left mine for 30 mins coz usually my hair takes a lot of time developing color dyes,i normally spend 45 minutes in my ends and 5 minutes in my roots using other normal diy brands,haha it was abnormal to get hair dyes in 5 minutes let alone shampooing it and getting even hari color results!so i opted for 30 minutes with this shampoo type.
Even though i didnt get the color that i wanted,i love this product overall..why?
it was easy to do
hair dye was incredibly even
it has a flowery faint scent DURING application
achieves results in a short period of time
inexpensive P300+ or 390 below

warm to touch at first,(scared me a bit,why was it warm? chemicals reacting eww)
left an annoying hair dye smell when hair was dry,didnt went away until next shampoo
color was not true to claim

it turned dark black (photo taken item in sink)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sale Alert! one naturales everything P199

OOOhhhhh good things comes to those who wait!!! I've been eyeing this line since last year! the scent of those hand and body lotions are heavenly! but they cost P650 a pop! i just had to wait for a sale,as if 50% off was not good enough,its freakin' P199!! haha
saw it here on their facebook page "one naturales"
From July 31-August 19, you can buy your favorite products at any Watson’s branch for only P199 each!
i went to sm manila and stocks are few,they did'nt say that they were sold out bec of the sale,SA didnt even know that they had this deal,i only got one lotion and i hope its not expired =( well i love it too much it really is hydrating and rich! i seldom see lotions that works,and this work! its not watery but thick,its between body butter and lotion,and the vanilla custard was my target,along with movie star but was not available.they only had vanilla and the citrus one.
i was disappointed when i checked one, the bottom with the screw cap was dirty,looked like it had squirted out long before,yellowish and dried by exposure to air,i opened another one and one after another trying to find one decent one to take home but all of them were like this,i found one that looked like the residue was wiped,so i had to open it to see if the product inside was still good,and everything squirted out on its own! boo! i was with an SA already so there's no way i did this to damage their items,she picked another one saying that this one might be okay,but still they squirted out!
it might be the packaging,or somebody purposely squeezed it all without opening the cap so this would happen if consumers try to open it! i dunno! its really weird!
the worst part is,another SA saw us and snapped "di kasi dapat binubuksan yan!" you shouldnt be opening those! what the!!! i said " eh buti nga binuksan ko ,nakit ako damage pala ito!" good thing i opened it, now i know this packaging is no good!
see for yourself
in the end i bought a clean one,and i didnt open open it until i got home,oh yes it squirted out,but i was ready with a container,one thing when i tried it on my hands,the smell was first okay,and turns out smelling expired or i dont know how to explain it,smelled like old lotion that lost its original scent,whats left was this almost coconutty container smell...waaa did i just buy this?!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ellana joyful and spellbound eotd day and night

So another eye of the day post =) now im using my ellana eye shadow pigments joyful and spellbound
joyful was bought intended for undereyeliner,cause i thought pigments will make more vibrant results,but this one has pink and gold shimmers wich is too light to use for undereye liner..
and spellbound looks like cranberry with tiny specks of gold shimmer..this was recommended by an SA in sm mkti ellana booth

for day used joyful on eyelid and spellbound outer lids

for night used joyful all over lids and used a dark purple shadow on the outer to define crease!

Top shop buy 1 take 1

Just saw a post from Topshop Philippines facebook page about a buy 1 take 1 sale last saturday night,sunday was the last day so went to the robinsons place branch in malate manila to have a look,saw a lovely ballet flat off white shoes so pretty! but was not my size,then went staright to their shades selection which was always overlooked by people who only shops for topshops clothes.
Black oversized sunglasses check! P1200+ 50% off P650,but because it was buy one take one,had to get another item,saw this tan loose top with uneven hem,grabbed it and paid! this made my day! I'm a real sucker for bargains! can you believe i got both for only P650? cause i need to pay for the higher priced item which was the sunglasses! i know its been raining hard in the metro,but i cant go out without sunglasses,atleast when the sun comes out...

So glad the SA gave me a new pair,thought i was getting the display item.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

won a sigma blog giveaway!

My first win in the blog giveaway world!!! yipiiiii and its a sigma F80 brush!!! a flat top kabuki brush.
I won this in sugarpao's giveaway,i had to ask somebody to get this from the post office because this did not came in door to door,sigma was the one who sponsored the giveaway so they're the one's who sent it to me,so it had to come from abroad,good thing our local post office was not in its greedy mood that day,i was only charged a standard fee of P35.
Lovely lovely brush! i have yet to use it but the quality of the brush is superb! its so soft and dense at the same time,good for buffing and applying foundation! liquid cream or powder! just as i came across hollyannaerees video i think this was one of her favorite and also sugars!
thanks sugar and sigma!!!felt so blessed!!!

in comparison with elf powder brush middle and elf stippling brush right end