Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Caronia Diva Frosted Nail polish

Caronia DIVA frosted nail polish for my nail of the day.
it says that its frosted,but its almost holographic,it has this slight blue hue undertone.
and best part of caronia,its so inexpensive P34.75 love!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Tonymoly Beauty Blowout sale!!! (haul)

Tomorrow is the last day of Tony Moly's beauty blowout sale, i made a few purchases just because i ran out of a lot of skincare products,and was taking advantage of the 50% sale in SM north edsa,sad they did'nt have facial scrub,and makeup remover that i need on sale,im still looking for these necessities..
they gave me a lip and cheek tint for free GWP!
On to my purchases!

I need a night and day mosturizer
This was highly recommended by the SA,she she kept on saying " for blooming skin" she did'nt elaborate anymore,because when i asked her again,she said the same thing lol! its better than telling me to read the labels myself though! haha
Floria Hydra Energy Emulsion P828 slash 50% P414

Caviar Essential Lotion P1048 slashed 50% P524
This was the only english text on their labels,everything including the box was written in korean

i checked out the expiration only when i got home,ummm...i guess this was the manufacturing date?.....i know for a fact that skincare products expires 3 years after opening.

Berry Berry Nutritive Cream P698 slashed 50% P349
this was cheapest of the three,its the most thickest cream also.

These were the products listed on sale,thats not the complete listing though,i saw other makeup products on sale too...

Announcement for the Sm Manila,fairview and megamall branch
Boutique branches are on sale! Selected fabulous items at 50% off!!!

October 30- 31, 2012

*Available while supplies last!

forever21 weekend haul continues....

From my previous post i went back on a sunday! they had new stocks out on sale! almost everything that was on sale last haul was sold out.
guess what i bought...

These were the possibilities....
the black spaghetti strapped top is size small,its a bit bigger than im used to wearing,the armholes too big,i dunno why its size small,they don't have a smaller size though,a steal for P209 this was slashed twice,it has a previous tag of P309 and the original was P545...i think

white version of the black spaghetti strap top

i was told this was not on sale,Php545 got mixed up with the rest of the sale items,thats why i picked it up,although it has remnants of a sale sticker price tag removed,SA said it was on sale before,thats means its not anymore! oohhh so get that sale item fast before it returns to regular priced item!

the skirts hemline adorned with lace
costs P309,they also had this in pink!

nice thick material! a steal for P619

i always get the size large when the material is not stretchy,but i think i can rock a medium better

taken from f21 website

white shorts was P309 after discount

classic white dress that comes with a patent skinny belt P 619 only!!

I heard they're having a sale starting tomorrow! oh mah gawd! had to stop shopping!!!

a little outfit post!
dress by forever21
belt :hubbys closet
necklace from abby jocson
sandals by accessorize

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Forever21 Ph uannounced sale!

The day is October 26 2012, (friday) is a regular non-working holiday in celebration of the Islamic holiday Eidul Adha or the Day of Sacrifice,we dropped by Forever21 SM mall of Asia branch,lo and behold! sale!!!!!
I did'nt see any announcement in the f21 facebook page and no announcement whatsoever in the MOA f21 store..look at what i found!

photo taken from f21 website $22+ online!!! woah!

This one i tried on was in large,i bought the medium,fits better!

Saw two pieces of this in large but right after i tried it on,i asked for a size smaller and the nice SA was so accomodating,and ran off to get another size,good thing another SA who was in the dressing rrom hanging fitted;unpurchased clothes saw her and gave her my medium dress! yey! talk about saving time!

nice top for P309,falls perfectly even if its large,but its neon yellow! picture doesnt show though...

All of these dresses where P619!!!
This fits so nicely on me in medium,it was the last one,ummm i dunno....somehow i didnt like it,the material was jersey like velvet,almost like 20% velvet,50% jersey,and 30% cotton,hope you get the idea =) saw this one previously on sale,and almost every girl was trying this one on..haha! just forget it =)

medium but too big eh? had to cinch my waist so not to look preggers!
why i didnt get this,bec i saw these on other branches on sale! they have lots of these on stock too,i just know il bump into someone who's wearing the same 'ol thing

this is nice too! but kinda small for a size large! you really do have to fit everything before you buy

i saw this before,the layered trend is coming back,but no safari for me,too loud! do you know what i mean?

this one was lovely!!! i was going to get it,but its damaged at the back,there's a hole =( its nice...with the layered trend but with a tulip skirt bottom.

this was one sided nsvy polkadotted dress,its a size medium but look how big it is on me,its looked so good in the hanger though..tee hee!

this was see through P309 only!

These is how i work when i shop.. i don't get too worked up with the sale,i only get the ones i know will let me wear for more than one season,meaning it does'nt get out of style, a lil trend here and there is nice, but i only get it if its on sale,once i always avoid getting clothes that are so tempting to get just because of the price slash,but ends up not wearing anyway,i fit everything and segregate the ones i like then decide in the end whether i can mix and match it wit my wardrobe...makes sense?
till next haul!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nanny Rose's Queen Bee Sticks and pulls all natural hair remover review

I usually use wax for hair removal, i do it around once a month,on half of my legs,my armpits takes the longest to grow back,i almost never bother to look into it,with several "balahibong pusa" (small tiny thin hairs-almost invisible) growing,as much as three or four hairs max for 2 months,since i started waxing it never came back,i know someone who has thick hair and had to get IPL or laser hair removal after years of waxing.
Note: I bought this with my own money,Php169 at watsons,this is the middle sized one,you can try their mini size which costs for about P99, and the full size is around P250+ and used it for the first time,here are the results:

it says its a hot or cold wax,can be used hot or as is from the package..i think..
but i tried to put it in the microwave for 25 secs on power 4 setting and its perfect! il try to use it as is next time,using the microwave wastes energy...

i always use baby powder first before applying the wax,although it did'nt say in the box,i was just used to doing doesnt make the wax stick to your own skin ,its like having a barrier.just in you won't pull out you skin.

here's how to

okay after waxing,you can see red marks from the places where your hair was pulled,don't worry,it will go away after an hour or so

Ive'd previously tried this wax in tin that is first heated before using,i forgot the name but its sold in watsons locally,it was really a hassle to use because if i was not careful,it gets melted into my stove,so imagine the time and effort it took to clean up the wax.
I also tried the strip it hair wax,it was very easy to use without having it heated first,but i think it stopped working on me,does that make sense? well, i don't know if either it was expired,or infested with molds, i never bought another one cause it doesnt remove my unwanted hair for even the smallest area or smallest amount of hair. I was really pissed with this!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Caronia First Crush and lemming over superb bazaar

Can you believe this lavander polish was done only with one coat?
Its from our very own local brand caronia!
topped with bobbie..tadaaa!!!

AHHH! I'm lemming for this peplum top from DEAR KATE! the one i saw in WTC's Superb bazaar

I know the peplum craze is all over! I just bought one top from forever21,but im staying out of it since these trends come and go,you'll get irked with it when you see everyone wearing it in the malls,but this peplum i saw was rediculously puurrfect! the price was awesome! only P450! its satin-like,the only thing i dont like was the rainbow gems thats attached to the neckline,since the safari print was busy,it doesnt need that extra accessory,but im still in love with it!
Im also staying out of these safari printed things,cause its also a come and go trend,you see,I don't want to be a fashion victim,yes i do follow trends but i keep it minimal,like when the safari trend started,i bought a belt, a thin one to be exact just to spruce up a classic outfit.

like this one below

but i'm willing to bend my rule with this peplum safari top from dear kate! please get it! i dont wanna see it ,i don't wanna think about it,cause dang! it didnt fit me! argh!


Monday, October 22, 2012

Superb bazaar haul Oct 19-21,2012

I got confused when i saw a post that says Superb bazaar will be on the World Trade Center instead of SMX mall of asia,good thing i got a free pass from dealgrocer because unlike smx, WTC dont have free tickets handed by the entrance,bum! my hubby need to pay P100 to accompany me inside,sweet thing waited for me for almost 2 hours
at the back part of the bazaar,where there are seats provided.
Anyhoo,Superb in SMX previously was very well lit,sellers have their own booths fixed up and products are so nice and fashionable ,this time,i saw some class b-c items,a friend of mine who has a both there told me "parang squater noh?" (it looks like the slums here)

Cute bag i had to ask for when i was going out,they didnt give me one when i came in,maybe because i had that free ticket from dealgrocer.
Happy to see they are doing they're part to save the planet =)

On to my haul!

a purple tube corset! i saw on boosteeyay's facebook page that they are selling some of their corsets for P350
i Got this

i bought this one from them before,i think it was from their Mega bazaar,but i did'nt get to post i had a picture worn.oh! it was P450 then...

i manage to take a picture of their corsets..these designs where P450 to P500,but they are so nice to give me a discount,but sadly these corsets that have underwires on them doesnt fit me =)

here's a mannequin,they had a corner booth =)

I also saw a post in facebook again, about made u look's "buy 1 take 1 " promo on their flats..
I think a got a good deal for P500 for 2 pairs,they're perfect for summer and if you're planning to walk all day,these are lifesavers!

i also got this from ummm...that booth that sells hair extensions,hair spin pins,almost all kinds of hair accessories,im sorry but i cant seem to find them in my facebook "liked pages" and friends...i wonder...
if you look closely there's a smudge and a paint splatter on two of the gems on my bracelet,so i haggled it down from P150 to P100!

bought this in their previous bazaar also for P130,loved it so much i had to get another one...

hubbys paid ticket!