Wednesday, December 26, 2012

People are people outlet store in manila!

I did'nt realize that this store that i always pass by in glorietta is a sale store or an outlet store for People are People!
I went inside and found all these shoes almost half priced off!
They did'nt put a signage at all but i only realized it when i saw some shoes that looked like shoes i saw from their boutique,and the unique brand souldesire etc....

if your familiar with their shoes,they cost around 1500 to 2000
this was originally P1600+ down to P799,they only put the sale price on the tag. its really a steal!

I love their shoes! i got these black ones,originally P1599,bought it for P799
their designs are really unique! view my other post with my old purchases from their boutique==>People

the receipt that says poeple are people

outside of the shoe box with price tag

the outside of the store
its located on the 2nd floor on top of charles and keith

a Little outfit of the day =)
collar necklace-a gift
forever 21 peplum top
forever21 skinny studded belt
forever 21 skinny jeans
so fab sandals
bag from our online store--> Lineage Couture

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Majolica Majorca buy 1 take 1 mascara sale

Good things comes who those who wait moment!!!
I've been lemming for majolica Majorca products since they arrived in watsons Philippines,waiting for discounts and promos,until i came across this from their facebook page

before,they had this promo with the mascara,but it was for the blue mascara,its not bad,but i have really sparse lashes and i need the blackest most visible mascara i can get hold on.
So this time,Lash expander frame plus was buy 1 take 1,including the black one,funny thing was,the saleslady assisted me in the counter while i was paying and said that she mistakenly got 1 black and 1 blue for me,and suggested i get two kinds because the blue one was also good as the black one,they're really trying to get rid of that blue mascara huh,just give it out for free haha!

price was P795 for two!

the mascara boasts of that popular dual brush!

and watsons gave away these voucher the last time i visited one of their branches,and i used it to get that P100 off

I just need to get some more items to get that P1000 mark,good thing these necessities where available,the handwash refills were P99 buy 1 take 1 also,so i really got a good deal that day

Majolica Majorca promo

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

last day of Rockwell's Moonlit Bazaar 2012 holiday

Went to the last day and last leg of the rockwell moonlit bazaar!
entrance fee is P100
There were many stores that i did'nt see that day,favorites of mine,I heard they were all in the St. James bazaar in Alabang!

a lil bit expensive for mwah!

expensive but handmade! pretty pretty

This is my loves! i have this favorite jewelry booth that i always visit when i drop by bazaars,its called style on air,and this is another one like it,lexie and co.there's this white statement ring that catched my attention,it looked like the ring i was interested in envy fashion + accessories,it was a flat circle with a seahorse inside,envy was for around P300 and lexie's was P150!

pretty statement pieces from another jewelry store that uses large stones

I was eyeing this safari blazer from thecloset goddess,Ive' always thought online sellers sell their items much cheaper in bazaars,the tindera said it was P1500,i only got P100 off when i asked for a discount,i didnt get it,although i must say its a beauty! you can tell its quality,with lining and material was really nice,you get what you pay for,really...
And then when i checked online,it was P1200,...ummmmm....their stuff gets sold out so quickly!,i dunno...abangan ang susunod na kabanata...bleck!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

What cosmetiocs are on sale this weekend december 2012

Stock up on your essentials and take advantage of the sale items these two cosmetic giants are offering this long weekend!!!

from Loreal
Attention, makeup fanatics! This is your chance to beat the Christmas rush by shopping early! Take advantage of the BIGGEST L'Oreal Paris Spectacular Sale today. Enjoy 50% off on White Perfect Pearl Foundation, Two-way Cake, refills, Glamshine and Open Eyes Pro and 25% OFF on other items.

What I remembered from the price tags where:
the powder refills are from Php780+ 50% down to P390+
the lipglosses are P500+ slashed P50% off P250+!

I'm still contemplating on getting the lip and eye remover from L'oreal, Its from P399 25% off P299-its my HG makeup remover,finished 4 bottles of these already..ummmm...can't find other cheaper alternatives that works as well,sooo most probably =)

From Maybelline

'Tis the season to get glam with the Maybelline New York CRAZY SALE! Get up to 30% OFF on your favorite Maybelline products from November 30-December 30, 2012 in participating stores nationwide!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bazaar hopping this weekend? nov-dec 2012

I love going to bazaars as much as i love participating in them,but this post is for the bazaar shopper in me,can't make up my mind which bazaar to go...
Here's a list of the bazaars this long weekend!

Noel Bazaar

Supersale bazaar
MORE FREE tickets via @dealdozen. you may also get FREE tickets via @freewayonline @ensemblesonline @velvetchannel or save ur XEND waybills and present at the counter or bring your latest issue of @metromagph

Rockwell moonlit bazaar

And oh! just found out forever21 is also on sale on selected items only though,I hope they put some more sale items in SM Mall of asia branch,i went last week and there were only leftover from the unannouced sale

Monday, November 26, 2012

Masflex Cosmetic Organizer

Muji what?
Bought this bee -yoo-ti-ful cosmetic organizer in National Bookstore for almost half the price of the ones that are sold in muji!
Mujis organizer with only the drawer part are almost P1200+ while this baby is P649.75!! aside from the triple drawers,it comes with a lipstick slotted top part thats lovey!

They have two kinds for this styles,but the difference was only the pull out drawer part,the first level of drawer (sf-1155) was parted in half,the rest are full slots.

you find this in the acrylic portion of the bookstore,you will see acrylic plaques near the cosmetic oraganizers

so kilig with my new purchase!!! ganda!!!
they are also sold in small sizes or smaller version but with fewer slots,the lowest priced organizer was P179.75 it was a brush holder that i originally wanted to buy,plus a P299.75 lipstick holder with some slots for your other cosmetics,but think about how much you'll save if you get the bigger organizer with all these drawers! if i bought two small ones,they add up to around P500,while these large ones are P100 more but practical and more value for money!

look at all the clutter! with my improvised organizer,using old empty moisturizer containers and an old broken plastic divider...

take one!

take two!

after the clutter!!!!

my vanity table after!

before,i tried to buy a traincase to keep all of my makeup and jewelry but the lock did'nt last long,the metal lock was broken,after all those opening and closing,worst part is,you have to have a lot of room when you open it,the half part (backpart) of the opened traincase gets in the way when you open it,you won't be able to open the whole thing if you didnt have a huge space alloted for it! just look at it when its opened! (pardon the clutter-i put old and unused accessories inside,since i dont use it any more) i just can't utilize the thing because its so much of a hassle to use,

if you get your hands in a traincase with a soft material outer cover like this,the soft material is not as hard so it can be folded in small spaces,thus you can open it,but of course these material don't last long compared to the metal traincase.look how old my cloth traincase is,the material was peeling off,but its still functional. It was given to me by my cousin

Thursday, November 22, 2012

trying on half cut false lashes

Ive tried wearing falsies before,including the famous tfs falsies,and failed! i don't know whether i didnt know how to put it,or its because of my hooded eye,or because im not used to having it on,the best way i can describe what i look like if im wearing falsies is,drag queen! yes i look like a drag queen!
Until i came across these half falsies in saizen,the store that sells everything at P88.
At first i tried to place it trying it on without makeup and i thought it looked really fake and i looked silly with the half of my eye with visible lashes and the other part or the inner half without any lashes showing.
I couldnt have looked so ugly with them so i tired it on again, this time with complete eye makeup and curled lashes! lo and behold!

I lost one lash,tried to pick it and dunno what startled me and before i knew it,i cant find it anywhere in my vanity table!

careful with it,i lost one strand of lash when i tried to pick it up with a tweezer,make sure you grab at the strip not the lash itself.

me wearing half cut lashes!

a managed to get an old photo without lashes on,normally my sparce lashes do show up a lil but this photo i think was taken at the end of the day,my lashes drooped down already,dang! that mascara!

another photo with the saizen lashes!

lashes on! one mistake i did was,i already had mascara on before putting the lashes,so i had clump lashes together with falsies,always always put the falsies first before a newbie at this

I used this magnificent easy to use and hassle free black glue from koji
get it ==>Here