Tuesday, December 11, 2012

last day of Rockwell's Moonlit Bazaar 2012 holiday

Went to the last day and last leg of the rockwell moonlit bazaar!
entrance fee is P100
There were many stores that i did'nt see that day,favorites of mine,I heard they were all in the St. James bazaar in Alabang!

a lil bit expensive for mwah!

expensive but handmade! pretty pretty

This is my loves! i have this favorite jewelry booth that i always visit when i drop by bazaars,its called style on air,and this is another one like it,lexie and co.there's this white statement ring that catched my attention,it looked like the ring i was interested in envy fashion + accessories,it was a flat circle with a seahorse inside,envy was for around P300 and lexie's was P150!

pretty statement pieces from another jewelry store that uses large stones

I was eyeing this safari blazer from thecloset goddess,Ive' always thought online sellers sell their items much cheaper in bazaars,the tindera said it was P1500,i only got P100 off when i asked for a discount,i didnt get it,although i must say its a beauty! you can tell its quality,with lining and material was really nice,you get what you pay for,really...
And then when i checked online,it was P1200,...ummmmm....their stuff gets sold out so quickly!,i dunno...abangan ang susunod na kabanata...bleck!

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