Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nature Republic opening soon in the Philippines

Oh my Gawd!nature republic opening in the PHi! okay,korea brands appearing faster than we say Kawaii! this means more and more filipina getting more conscious of their looks,i dreamed one day people here would have more effort to dress up,to put on makeup and take care of their skin rather than spending on cellphones! I dreamed that we would be more like singapore or hongkong,almost everybody does not get out of the door without an effort to look good,that one day i would not get embarassed to wear something nice out in the streets,not to have to have an occasion to wear a dress,or wear makeup...
The first time i came accross nature republic,or my hubby's the Post
what i noticed is that their skincare is really nice,well for me atleast, i tried a few samples and their creams almost feels they work the next day i wake up,made my skin smooth,well,i have dry skin, so i'm not sure about oily skin.
I have tried variants from the face shop and etude house but they didn't show any significance...anyway i might be wrong,but this brand (nature republic) seems promising.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bobbie Glaze Solar Burst Nail polish

Saw this awesome nail polish from the Bobbie non-toxic line while doing my grocery shopping,tried it on today under different colors of polishes that i already own,since this was almost like a top coat with gold shimmers and huge circular glitters in blue,red,silver and gold.
Didn't wear this today but i tried it with different bases to see what nail color il be coming up with these new one. The name is SOLAR BURST! Best of all its non-toxic!

under CHic classics regular silky white

Under etude house OR203 (this is cute!)

Bobbie premium glaze aqua blue with gold shimmer

Under Chic Classics glaze Juicy fruity (gold with shimmers)

Under Chic classic Glaze Parisian red (ruby red)

Prize of an 8 ml bottle..they also have bigger size

Bottom of the bottle

Groupshot please...disco!

Monday, September 5, 2011

August 2011 collective haul

Some landmark facial square cotton,nose roller!!! and handwash refill from watsons(buy one take one)

Bought another one naturals lotion for P199,they're really moisturizing despite of the poor packaging==>one

maybelline was 20% off!!! just what i was waiting for,to get the c22 shade-->prev post
i was trying to apply lipstick without a mirror one day,surprised to see the top part of the cap works great than having no mirror at all!!!

beside my first maybelline water shine c11

Been eyeing these flat oxfords from primadonna,it has the most softest leather,they have this same material on their other shoes,its almost velvety! so glad its discounted for P699!!!

sm dept store also this was also a steal,infinity scarf

Got this human top in xl,its so cute with the folded sleeves and assymetrical hem,best of all its P99!!! had to ask the SA if this was really that cheap! lol!
worn this with the scarf

forgot to take a pic of the tag,this was from sm dept store.on sale for P349.50.when i got home,i realized there was belt hole straps, i think this comes with a belt before.didnt see it on the dress though

There's so many great deals this august,this will show how much of a cheapskate i am! lol!

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

robinsons dept store dressing room

Have you been taking pictures of yourself trying on clothes in the dressing room lately?
a lot of my friends takes pictures trying on outfits in some clothing stores dressing room just to take it home and show it to someone who can advice them if it suits them then come back to buy it.
I saw this high waisted trousers from liberte - an inhouse brand of the robinsons dept store,on sale from P1199 half off,this style has been very popular lately in manila,but the pleats in front which suppose to make your waist look smaller also makes your front belly prominent!(bilbil/puson). look how awful this is on me! and the distance of my camera to the mirror was not a good angle for my body.
The top was suppose to be this loose,droopy (lawlaw) sleeveless top,which is also uso or in trend in manila,it was so nice on the hanger but not flattering on me! its only P385. liberte has been showing a lot of trends lately,they use to sell office wear and classic styles before.

Cmg was on sale too! i usually browse through the sale rack and dont get anything,the cheapest prize they have on sale normally goes P999,good thing this guy SA told me that they were buy 1 get 1!! ooohhh im not gonna let this pass!!!
Got this!

Whats different about this slingbacks is the pewter design below,its shiny but not too much.

i was looking for my take one and cant find anything on my size except this,everything was almost gone because of the good deal. i didnt like this but i guess i can sell this on my online store it was sold by midnight weee!!!

see? two for Php999

Did you know that cmg stands for Celine Mix Group? the higher end boutique of our local Celine and the sister company of SoFab!