Friday, June 3, 2011

found my orange lippy!

Its orange everywhere! orange craze in cosmetics that is..been wanting to get a coral shade for so long,tossed my favorite coral shade from loreal,coz'I used it all up,and did'nt realize it was so hard to find another one, forgot the shade too =( cant find a replacement since then,maybe its discontinued.
So i saw this tangerine line from Etude house,they have pretty orange lippy shade that matches my skintone pretty well,but also found this maybelline one in cl11,and its 20% off!! and im a sucker for bargains,i got maybelline! there's this corally pink shade also in b22 that i really really like,looks like my discontinued loreal,but SA said the cl11 looks better on me,so i got it,its more orange than the b22.Normally if i ask the SA between two things that i cant decide on,i always go for the the one she did not choose! LOL! my heart is loving the b22 but since orange is all over i wanted to try cl11.I dont know why i didnt get both...Oh! budget! LOL! Its freakin' 20% off!!!! Don't want to impulse buy,I'd like to use one first then buy more later on,maybelline often have their 20% discount anyway,i beleive good things comes to those who wait,just dont wanna spend a lot on cosmetics these days.


  1. 'i always go for the the one she did not choose! ' ayus! LOL
    i tried out the coral tangerine from the maybelline color sensational just this afternoon parang ganyan yung itsura ☺♥

  2. hi marge,i think color sensational have more color payoff,dapat nga im gonna get an orange color sensatonal, it has more deeper and darker color, sayang di bagay sakin.same price din syaP299 then less 20% din. you tried it? did it suit your skintone? i used tjis lippy today, medyo sheer sya and madali mabura. i was just thinkin of going back for color sensationals other shades.