Friday, June 3, 2011

elf studio contour brush

Bought this brush in my sm north edsa mini haul,was looking for my backup elf blending brush,the classic one, its so good! i had to get another one because i often use my old one in applying contour eyeshadows or eyeshadows for my crease and left without a clean brush to blend harsh lines,its that useful to me,and you cant beat the price! P129.75,the brush can pick up a good amount of eyeshadows,its rounded fluffy tip is good for blending,its soft and doesnt scratch my gentle lids,i use it more than my mac219 contour brush and cant find it in any mall i frequent to,its always out of stock lately,but then i went to sm north edsa and saw the studio line brushes was almost all completely in stock,from the blush brush,angled brush,powder brush,concealer brush,angled eyeliner brush,eyeshadow c brush and they even have the small smudge brush! elf studio line brushe are P249.75@,a lil bit higher priced than the classic line of brushes,but that did'nt stop me from getting the contour brush instead of the classic blending brush! it preformed well,its soft like the blending brush but denser,its also not scratchy,but it outshined by the blending brush!coz'it erases eyeshadows if used for blending. which one's better? for me,you should get both! LOL! well,out of versatility the classic blending brush is still the best!
And oh! another thing,i didnt realized they put a wrong price tag/sticker tag on the product,my receipt listed P224.75,oh well good for me!

receipt and tag

one the left the studio contour brush,compared to the classic blending brush

brush length comparison


  1. that's about my only complaint on the studio line brushes, that their handles are too long. but the quality and the fact that they're synthetic bristles is what i love ;-)

  2. and their cheap! yey! thanks marge