Monday, April 30, 2012

Majolica Majorca sale till may15

Have you seen the new dealgrocer promo for majolica majorca? the Lash expander frame plus is 50% off as well as the dress glove cream.but you have to pick it up in their makati office. =( Don't worry i was glad to see that they also have 50% off in their sm branches,but it was for selected items only,here's what's on sale..
Note: The lash expander frame sold in dealgrocer and on sm branches is the blue variant. but i saw it on the SA's lashes it does look you decide =) Her's the dealgrocer promo

Sunday, April 22, 2012

People are people shoe haul

Been loving the wedge/platform shoe trend lately,stumbled upon people are people robinsons boutique,and their shoes are on sale! i just cant believe my lucky bargain days came back with a vengeance haha! so here's what i bought i saw these peeptoe pumps displayed in black and navy but it seemed kinda bulky,but when i got to rockwell on another day,they had these bubblegum salmon color and i had to try it on! its true that,sometimes shoes need to be tried on to see its beauty,this was also P699 only after 50% discount. the SA said,they pulled out from all branches and brought it in rockwell because of the demand,and i got the last pair in my size!
ACtually "people are people" don't have the normal sale signs, you have to pick up their shoes and see that price tags on the bottom of the soles are slashed 50% off!!
This is P799 after discount...YSL what? hehe
the wedges are comfy! i did'nt have to tip toe, thats what platforms are for,its not wobbly like stilletos,and its light because of the cork wedge,best i can describe it is,its feels hollow inside...not heavy at all. except for the black platforms,haven't worn them =)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Our first Bazaar!!! Heat Wave Summer bazaar

If it is God's will,it will be done! Ive always been wanting to join bazaars for forever,but don't have the guts or the means to,I was surprised that i did it! and what makes it more fulfilling is,i did it all on my own! i dragged all my stuff and hollered a taxi,without knowing what to do,without knowing what to expect,with a sleepless night of anxiety the day before,i persevered! it was a learning experience something i can tell my children when they grow up,i had a big help from God,i felt like i was walking though this in the blind,but all pathways are opened,all hindrances,especially those that are of the last minute,was cleared by Him! It's also true that if you wanted to get things done,just do it yourself! haha
Oh i like diana zubiri! she's a sexy star but turned out proving to everyone she has more to offer than her looks! i like that a lot!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Heat wave summer bazaar 2012

come and visit us at Heat wave summer bazaar
April 13-15 that's a payday weekend!!!
11am to 9 pm

here's their facebook page HEATWAVE

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jocarste Nail polish

Shocking purple!!! OOhhhh this bottle catches my eye as i walk inside watsons mall of asia,bright bright summer purple!!!
Have you heard of this brand? Jocarste I'm sure the color is a dupe for some expensive brand.
The verdict!
1) OMG color pay off!!! one coat purple blast! 2 coats barney!!!!
2) dries fast!!
3) doesn't have that nail polish smell that i don't like
4) price Php39.00 what a steal!

By the way here's our new calling card! what do you think of the design?

i tried to make a french tip design,using white tips.