Friday, January 27, 2012

Tony Moly Valentines sale!!!

Tony Moly is on sale! on selected items though,here's the list==>tonymoly

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Accessorize Phillippines Lunar New Year Sale

Loving my accessorize haul!! they're on sale!

I was on the lookout for new shades,can't go out the house without it! broke my old one and my back up too! so was happy to get this! price was from
Php1300 down to P650

I wanted to buy this before when i saw it in Mall of asia,but did'nt,no way im gonna buy this 3 strands of lace for P380! anyway i saw this again in their buy 1 take 1 sale but did'nt get it again because could'nt find the "take 1" item.and it was close to closing time, i don't wanna get rush! yes! im that proud! haha
so i was surprised i saw this 50% off in sm north edsa branch!

Php380 down to P190

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TopShop End of Season sale

Topshop's End of Season sale from January 6 to February 5 2012
Just got a few necessities

been waiting for this to go on sale!!!! yey! P199

This one's so nice in the photo,but the leather in actual,im afraid might chip off easily...they're on sale i think 30% off they have it in black

ahhhh...i want this!!! still in the Php1000+ mark! lets wait for february...buy1 take 1 haha!!wishful thinking

How to wear white tights?????

if your asian,you can easily get away with it,white tights are closer to our skin color than skintone stockings

Monday, January 9, 2012

forever21 January2011 sale

Another forever21 visit,trying to get hold of the nicer clothes before they have their buy1 take 1,just like food,buy 1 take 1 are leftovers,but of course,with luck on you're side u can score some finds just like i did before--> here
WEll they are having their year end sale ongoing from Dec26 to jan15..check what i got!

this tunic is 20% offP595 down to P476

This knit top 50% off
from P765 to P382

Was looking for knee legnth skirt,lucky lucky! P385 what a steal!
surprise surprise! my recipt says 20% off even if the tag doesnt indicate so
down to P308!!!

this was 20% off i think after discount it was P715..didnt get it though! darn!

ummm...what else did i saw there on sale...
oh! saw this 20% off

and this red number was P900 + down to 20% off