Monday, October 15, 2012

Tous Les Jours mocha crunch cake review

I was looking all over for Tous Les jours cakeshop,when i dropped by sm north edsa,asking random security guards who don't have a clue about what im talking about,the name itself is hard to remember,how do you pronounce it anyways? i just said, "yung nagbebenta ng cake na korean" (the korean cake shop)
FInally we got there and the saleslady was really bend on selling us this mocha cake,she said we will never regret buying this,and that its one of the best tasting cake in their mocha range...

Description from their facebook page Tous Les Jours Mocha Crunch Cake (Square) - Php748.00

Light and Moist Mocha Sponge Cake Filled with Rich Mocha Butter Cream. Sides are covered with Special Wafers and topped with Espresso Syrup.

photo taken from their site

I wanted to try their macarons,good thing they had it on top of this cake,but they can be bought separately
Its uncomparable to bizus,but nonetheless its not too sweet,and yummy,not bad at all...

Oh wow! the best thing about this cake is their cake knife,its so cute! they also include 3 long thin candles for generous of them,just for this, i recommend getting their cakes! i love how companies thought about their consumers! so hassle free!!!

the box the box!!! so impressed with the box,in comparison with other cake company i know,this box is sturdy and thick! looks so posh and expensive,almost dont want to throw it away!

The verdict,the cake is moist,soft,and i love that its not sweet,theirs' this twist to this cake,because the brown icing covering the the top part of the cake is tangy! so imagine a mocha cake with a tangy icing,its a bit different form what we're used to,but its unique,the down part of the cake is that it doesnt have that buttery smell,you know the smell of a bakeshop when u walk in to,maybe they used a high grade butter thats not too fattening,im not sure...but id love to try more of their cakes!

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