Monday, September 6, 2010

denim DIY

Have been lemming for sleeveless cropped denim jackets lately,cant find one that i like,some are vests and some are boleros,so id have to make one myself!
Had this long sleeved jacket for a while,Bought it in Robinsons dept store on sale,from Php1000, 50% off!! It was the time Michael jackson jackets where in fashion like crazy!

How to:
Cut the sleeves,leave a centimeter or two before the seam.
brush the edges with sandpaper to get that distressed look
wash and voila!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hello kitty Fimo clay

Saw this little store in salazar st in ongpin,they sell nail art accessories,i was about to leave when i saw boxes of fimo clay! you will not see it if your not familiar with the stuff,its packed way down the display cabinet,kept in transparent plastic boxes,piled on each other.
Anyways,each stick costs Php50 almost $1.06,and the Sa said if u can cut it right,ul end up with 75 pcs. its too much of a hassle to cut them,i asked if they have precut sticks,and yes they have,so i bought hello kitty and flower designs.... i also got the glue Php30 or $0.63