Monday, December 27, 2010

Julu Jewelry by stephanie Giveaway

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

my eye cream!

Ive been wanting to buy this eyecream,and saw it on sale! from Php900+ its only Php600+ that fine day! Loreal is having their 25% sale on all skincare products and this one was really a steal!
Ive been using Nivea q10 for a while,it works well on moisturizing the thinnest layer of my undereye,but i need a lil lift for my monolid eyelid,i have one fold on one eye and the other is totally a sagging monolid! i feel that if i dont take care of it,it'll completely cover my eye one day...gavity,aging sucks!
anyways, i so love the packaging! one bottle with two pumps inside,the white one is for the undereye,it holds a cream inside that moisturizes,the other half which is red, holds a redish gel that will lift your eye,its so clever that they separate the two with red and white pumps,and also im glad that you can use it by day,under your makeup,it says that it can be used as a primer too..yey for that!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Kiehl's in Mall Of asia!

Kiehl's just opened in Sm Mall Of Asia,another high end boutique. I know they have a flagship store in greenbelt. I have heard lots of products here are really effective,and they are very environ friendly,skin friendly,thats why brad pitt took notice and made a signature body wash etc. hope they will be less expensive though...

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Laneige Mall Of Asia-kiosk

here's a pic i took while in Sm Mall Of Asia,Laneige boutique is still not open,but they have a small area in front of marionaud

Im so curious about there strawberry pack and powder foundations,but they are very expensive =(

Friday, December 17, 2010

gifts from Taiwan

hubby came home from another trip to Taiwan!
beauty loots...will sell some of these in my online store --> Laneigecouture

and matcha green tea! love that this does not make me palpitate

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

BB cream for sale

I have an extra BB cream that i decided not to use,how much should i sell it? its 30 ml,i saw in multiply,they sell the 40g tube for Php1600....

Product Features

* Whitening
* 30ml
* SPF30

HANSKIN Super Magic B.B Cream is the standard B.B cream of for Wrinkle lifting & Whitening effect with SPF 30.
Healthy Skin : Natural herbs help sensitive skin being healthy again.
Great Coverage : Natural skin tone with great coverage.
Moisturizing Effect : Strong moisturizing mechanism keeps the skin lasting longer in good condition.
Protection : Containing ingredients of Vitamin E protects skin well.
Made in Korea Volume : 30ml

nail of the day

three coats for this to show up...lovely

Friday, December 10, 2010

etude nail of the day

simple nails,sophisticated ....

my HG hair wax

Whenever i have a bad hair day, i love to tie my hair in a bun,putting the bun way way up!but my tiny hairs are so stubborn they kept on peeping out,do u know what i mean? maybe because im experiencing falling hair lately,small newborn hair come out of no where!the bun should be a lil bit messy,but the rest of my head should be smooth,i usually use my "siao shr" hair wax i bought in watsons hongkong,its gel like consistency smoothes out any frizzies,without being sticky like a gel usually bought locally,it is also not a wax.but thats what they call them in hongkong i guess, it is very inexpensive stuff only Php100 below,u only need a small amount.sad;y i ran out,i asked someone to buy for me in hongkong but she could not find it!..boohoo!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Laneige Mall Of Asia

hi! Someone mistaken my blog site for Laneige the skincare! il change it if i get more followers,as of now im just doing this for fun =) and documenting my makeup discoveries. anyways i went to Mall of Asia last weekend,and saw that Laneige did not open yet. but when i passed by Marionaud,i saw a lil stall outside,did not get the chance to take a pic though...

people doesnt wanna move! hehe

Monday, November 29, 2010

Etude House haul

I love Etude House products,just because their products are so unique compared to local products that are offered here,thay are also much cheaper compared to The Face Shop and Skinfood!i always have fun going their and hauling.
Ive been trying their skincare stuff lately and I was looking for a toner,one guy SA suggested i tried the mini size U toner,its basically for shrinking pores. He said that he's been ising it and he has this really tight poreless skin! i got intrigued! i got the sample kit for about Php500+.includes a toner,emulsion and a serum. the serum is really nice! thick but not creamy,quickly absorbs too.

I also got my daily facial wash (Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam) cause i ran out of the peach tea,i was looking for the green tea variant to try next,for its antibacterial purpose,but the only variant available was milk tea. Just because its Php148 or $3.36 its my go to facial wash everyday.
Been hearing lots of good reviews about the Pore tightening sleeping pack,and i love it! compared to my mini size U set. u can feel your skin really smooth the next day after using it.i think its about Php400+

Oh! i got a free Love Coach fragrance and lip kit!!

Cute! lip treatment,fragrance and lipgloss! Another reason why i love Etude

Nail for the day

Using Elianto thistle..really cute pale lavander
3 coats with no base
By the way elianto is on sale..check them out

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

sm 3 day sale -late post again

Ive been dumping a lot of pics on my files,and dont have time to post it on my blog,before it gets disorganized here's one of 'em.
Sm Have been having their 3 day sales here and there,i went to one of their jampacked branches San Lazaro in October,i bought tons of stuff with already 20 to 50% discount,and getting another 10% for sm advantage cardholders.
Sadly,because of the people going bananas,cashiers not working,people falling in line for an hour to pay,my 20% discount on these two tops i bought was not included in my bill,i only got the 10%. going back there was really a hassle,so next time this wil teach me to check my receipts all the time. I swore not to go to any more of there 3 day sales anymore...but a sucker for bargains

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nail of the day-late post

Nail of the day using konad nail art stamp

Monday, September 6, 2010

denim DIY

Have been lemming for sleeveless cropped denim jackets lately,cant find one that i like,some are vests and some are boleros,so id have to make one myself!
Had this long sleeved jacket for a while,Bought it in Robinsons dept store on sale,from Php1000, 50% off!! It was the time Michael jackson jackets where in fashion like crazy!

How to:
Cut the sleeves,leave a centimeter or two before the seam.
brush the edges with sandpaper to get that distressed look
wash and voila!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hello kitty Fimo clay

Saw this little store in salazar st in ongpin,they sell nail art accessories,i was about to leave when i saw boxes of fimo clay! you will not see it if your not familiar with the stuff,its packed way down the display cabinet,kept in transparent plastic boxes,piled on each other.
Anyways,each stick costs Php50 almost $1.06,and the Sa said if u can cut it right,ul end up with 75 pcs. its too much of a hassle to cut them,i asked if they have precut sticks,and yes they have,so i bought hello kitty and flower designs.... i also got the glue Php30 or $0.63

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bargain Hit!

Just want to rave about a bargain hit! Topshop was on sale,saw this aviator shades half off! and get this! buy one get one!!! weeeeeeee

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

etude sm manila haul

Went to Sm Manila just to go to the newly opened Etude House branch. After opening there 1st one in Sm Megamall,2nd one Filinvest Alabang,and 3rd one in Sm Makati, Manileneas felt extra special when they paid special attention to out pink addiction =)
I did not have any idea where it was located in the mall,but my instinct lead me riding the first escalator going to the 2nd floor,I quickly spotted Healthy Options,Watsons and Sm department store,felt like asking someone already,but as i walked further, I saw a man who looked like hes been waiting long for his girl shopping inside etude! teehee
Yey! like a giddy girl,i scanned they're products but skincare was really my target,I'm in need of a new toner and my facial scrub is running out too. I think i spent almost an hour deciding what to get,there's this really helpful SA that stood out from the rest of them bec she's pretty and petite,knows the products and not giving me business talk,i love that they dont persuade you to buy more,the rest where just staring at me,and i have to call they're attention when i need to ask about something,and one time a daughter of one of the SA came,and when i asked her about a product,she looked at me like shes busy attending to her personal visitor,and almost hesitated for a second to answer me,looked back at her daughter and answered,i know how it feels to work and not see ur family,but customer relations is always first right? anyhoo,i didnt felt like a princess inside Sm Manila branch like the other GT members are saying that SA's in Megamall would greet you good morning princess and carry ur basket while ur shopping. Its okay,i went for the products anyways.
Here's what i bought
Yogurt Peel Cleansing Foam (Nuts Mix) for dry skin-Php278
66 Eye Line Charm - P198
Skin Drink Aqua Toner- P348
Proof 10 Eye primer-P298
Cotton Buds 3 packs (900pcs)-Php48 this is cheap!
Collagen Essense Mask-P58
I got a folder,angel pen pink membership card as freebie
they dont have bb cream as freebie though
I'm happy! hope i can go back again to buy there pore diet essence and sleeping pack,crossing my fingers for more online sale so i can get the stippling brush! weeee

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ongpin SHoppers Mart

Went to downtown Ongpin,and dropped by in this small grocery store called Shopper's Mart,I always go there when i need to buy quality grocery items like imported bisquits,white coffee,chocolates from Hong Kong,soda like the hard to find Fanta,and lots more,i forgot they had a selection of beauty products. Big pump bottles of shampoo,dove body washes,clairol,biore and opal! ive read a lot about opal hair treatment lately,but i opted to buy its body wash,its really nice and cheap! Php70 for 150 ml,Im suffering from allergies using my sons Johnsons baby bath wash when i give him a bath,my hands have been very red and itchy,since then all kinds of soap made it worst! Opal refreshing cool body wash does not aggreviate it,its not cooling though,im so glad my allergies are gone now,it must also be the heat and hot humid weather we are experiencing this summer. I also got the St Ives Fresh Skin collagen elastin moisturizer,love this! It smelled like coconut,not a fan of coconut scent,but i was surprised my nose was happy to smell it,its pleasantly light scented,absorbs quickly and moisturizes my skin,big tub lasts me a looooooong time for sure! hope i finish this before i get tired of it and buy a new one again,its also very affordable Php 221. Il try to get more pics of the place when i go back there again.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

etude visit

My first visit to the nearest etude branch!! super excited! when i got there,i was a lil disapointed bec it was just a lil portion of what they had in their first boutique in megamall,i was really itching to buy new skincare,but didnt get to do so because products are limited,i was also trying to find goodbye dark circle cream,pore diet serum and double eyetape,but the SA said they only have it in the boutiques,there's not much variety to choose from so i got the most inexpensive facial cleanser i have ever found! Php148 for 150ml Happy Tea Time Peach cleansing foam the scent is heavenly! and the SA said its the most saleable from the green tea and the lemon variety,she didnt know which kind is for what skintype,but i read the back portion, and peach is for brightening,i dont really need whitening products but since i was in love with the scent i picked the peach one,but green tea was also heavenly! lemon is lemon =) i dont remember which of the other two is for revitilizing and clarifying though,I also bought makeup remover The baking powder pore cleansing cream,thay have lotion type as well with the same price but i opted for the cream type,its suits my dry skin,and i feel its better in removing my BB creams..this one is priced at Php328,and its really big! i almost reached 500 to avail of the folder or cotton but i was really in a hurry to get another product to reach Php500,so i didnt get a freebie,i was interested in their membership card anyway.they dont have it there either bummer! overall i loved my experience buying from the sm makati branch,the two SA's was nice,they asked me if i was korean! haha! i get that all the time,I hated it for some time but im trying to embrace it because of the korean craze in manila lately,Im filipino-chinese. Going back,i hate the sm plastic bag they gave me,they should have given me an etude house paper bag instead,they dont have it again! double bummer! well,sm plastic bags are biodegradable anyways...