Thursday, December 23, 2010

my eye cream!

Ive been wanting to buy this eyecream,and saw it on sale! from Php900+ its only Php600+ that fine day! Loreal is having their 25% sale on all skincare products and this one was really a steal!
Ive been using Nivea q10 for a while,it works well on moisturizing the thinnest layer of my undereye,but i need a lil lift for my monolid eyelid,i have one fold on one eye and the other is totally a sagging monolid! i feel that if i dont take care of it,it'll completely cover my eye one day...gavity,aging sucks!
anyways, i so love the packaging! one bottle with two pumps inside,the white one is for the undereye,it holds a cream inside that moisturizes,the other half which is red, holds a redish gel that will lift your eye,its so clever that they separate the two with red and white pumps,and also im glad that you can use it by day,under your makeup,it says that it can be used as a primer too..yey for that!

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