Thursday, May 3, 2012

Forever 21 Mall of asia!!!!

FOrever21 Philippines is opening another store,this time in SM mall of asia! that's why toy kingdom and Our home was relocated! to give way to the new spacious f21 store! why you shoudl look forward to it? ok,manila goers have the makati branch,but they only open till 9 pm,since sm mall of asia is opened till 10pm,there's more time for us to shop shop shop! everyone knows the traffic in manila,is gruesome,and it will take an hour or two to pick out clothes and 15 mins to try it on, and 5 mins to pay haha...that is if they're not on sale. so this new store is a perfect solution for manila goers who loves f21! I just hope f21 will continue to regularly replenish new stocks,that's what i love about f21,you don't normally come a across a person wearing their clothes and say "ahh she bought it in f21 sale" or you won't worry that you'll come accross somebody wearing the same thing somewhere. Let me say MANGO! yeah, mango and you tops are worn as pambahay already,its just too visible everywhere,that's why mango lost its touch.. Oh! for sm megamall goers,they're having a 3day sale this weekend

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