Thursday, May 17, 2012

vanilla & co addiction

I got addicted to vanilla & co.!!! since buying online charges P85.00 for shipping fee,i had to go back to the sesou store in glorietta to get further fixed! haha so i now they only have the buttercreams and the body scrubs there,some drops of dew,and colognes,witch hazel toners,there are only few selections,so i targeted the buttercreams! P210 a jar,they almost gave me the tester for one variant cause they only have one tester and one new one,i was in love with the chocolate hazelnut! OMG! that explains the ooohhhss and ahhhs testimonies in their site,i've never come across something so yummy to the smell! nay for the bath and body and sakit sa ilong ng victoria secret,palmers cocoa butter doesnt even compare to this! i was told palmers smells like chocolate,no way! By the way i was never paid to feature this to my blog,i paid it with my own money. back to it, i love it love it! okay wait till my "madaling magsawa" senses come over, eewan ko kung magsasawa ako dito,i dunno if il get tired of this variant,in my previous post i said, im gonna wait for them to go on sale to purchase more,just cant get enough!but hey i saved on the shipping fee. So i also got the sweet pea buttercream to go with my sweet pea body wash. Sesou nature source in glorietta is a kiosk of organic pinoy products,its located near the interconection bridge of glorietta to landmark,one floor below. diagonal to adidas hehe besides the face shop, i wish wish they would replenish stocks there,more more items hopefully added. till next time tatah! Description taken from their facebook page Our Organic African Shea Butter came form the hardwork of devoted African women co-op groups under Fair Trade and organic certification standard. It is still made in the traditional way without the use of chemicals. Shea Butter is effective in its soothing, restorative and regenerative properties. Its even highly recommended for skin ailemts such as relief for blemishes, sunburns and eczema. Our truly raw and organic Cocoa Butter (theobroma cacao) contains generous amounts of antioxidants and has a naturally long storage life. Boasting a high level of tocopherols (Vitamin E), effective moisturizers and healing properties, our organic Cocoa Butter is also a great treatment for chapped, dry and itchy skin. Every jar of Vanilla & Co. Pure Shea & Cocoa Whipped Buttercream guarantees that you get the absolute best for your skin, every ounce contains a generous amount of pure, unrefined & fresh organic butters. Scents available for your Pure Shea & Cocoa Whipped Buttercream: I. VANILLA & MILKY BLENDS Vanilla Paradise - a blend of vanilla, chocolate and caramel Vanilla-Vanilla – a blend of Tahitian and Mexican Vanilla French Vanilla - the richest and most sensually delicious Vanilla essence thats still mild to the senses. Fresh Vanilla Milk - its foamy, steamy and divinely creamy - you'd want to pour it on your skin day and night II. FAVES OF THE TROPICS Mango Tango Cream – a glorious blend of mangoes, vanilla, and milk Sweet Pea Vanilla – a blend of warm vanilla and plant-derived sweet pea Strawberry & Green Tea – succulent strawberries enhanced with the invigorating scent of green tea, a must try! Olives & Vanilla - an intimate blend of olives and vanilla III. COFFEE & CHOCOLATE HEAVEN White Chocolate - a blend of our famous vanilla essence with the milkiest white chocolate bar Frappuccino - a blend of coffee, chocolate, and whipped cream IV. SWEET CONFECTIONS Strawberry Cheesecake - succulent strawberries cushioned in the creamiest and loveliest cheesecake V. NUTTY ALMOND Milky Almond with Honey - a blend of vanilla milk, almond essence and honey Almonds & Cream - almond and milk blended to succulent perfection - will leave you totally in love with your skin. VI. CLASSIC TREATS & DESSERTS Chocolate & Hazelnut – a blend of milky chocolate and hazelnut caramel Glazed Donut - a melt-in-your-skin butter by your favorite melt-in-your-mouth dessert. Be as popular as this bestseller treat! Peppermint Bars - a sweet combination of vanilla, mint and a hint of white chocolate VII. DELIGHTFULLY FRUITY Banana Muffin with Icing - a bite of ripe bananas & nuts topped with vanilla icing. Truly skin delicious! Lemon Meringue - perfect twist of lemon icing on top of a scrumptious vanilla chiffon cake - its dessert at its best! SALE Price P199.00/180g; P299/300g (hey i got the 180g i guess,oh! P11 difference) its worth it! honestly!
inside Sweet Pea Vanilla – a blend of warm vanilla and plant-derived sweet pea
Please sesou replenish your stocks,i need to get that chocolate oil for massage...etc etc... By the way, i joined their contest promo. you get to win gift packs from vanilla & co. here's mechanics Vanilla & Co. Promo Promo Duration: May 15-29, 2012 - Like Meg Magazine on Facebook (participants who do not like Meg Magazine will be disqualified) - Share photo on your wall/timeline, with the description “Meg Magazine, please make my life sweeter with Vanilla & Co.!” tagging Meg Magazine - Four (4) lucky winners will be chosen randomly - Each winner will receive one (1) gift pack from Vanilla & Co. - You can share the photo as many times as you want - Winners will be sent a private message via Facebook on how they can claim their prize - Shares/tags made after 12pm of May 29 will be disregarded - Winners will be announced after 12pm on May 29

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