Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Using Bobbie over my old elianto matte polish in Novy-navy blue
index finger with bobbie,the rest with elianto

A local brand of nail polish BOBBIE came out with new line of glitter nailpolish called premium nail creme, i got the color Glaze Aqua-a turquoise shade with silver glitters,it doesnt show on my camera though. Here's a simple way to have that new year manicure on your own. I bought this Php34.75 or $0.75 cheap huh!at Ever supermarket.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Eyelid tapes from Taiwan and Hongkong Chinese instructions at the back with illustrations

I have monolids! but their not a hindrance for a beauty junkie like me who recently got obsessed with makeup!

whenever my hubby goes out of the country,most epecially in asia,he always buys me eyelid tapes,cause its my HG beauty product,he's such a sweetheart even if he doesnt want me to put makeup on,he still buys me my requests during his trips. Oh the POwer of Love!!! haha

Friday, January 22, 2010

Latest magazine issues for Php70

preview November 2009 and mega january 2010

Beauty AWARDS from preview

I love to try Laneige

Revlon has a new lipstick,like occ lip tar i think?

My local sari sari store sells latest and back issues of magazines for half the prize,it still looks like any new magazines sold at the high end magazine stores,but they took out all the freebies inside.
Most brand at my local sarisari is preview,entreprenuer, mega,meg,menshealth,etc.

got this 1st week of january

I love free stuff,this came from femalenetwork's J & J's giveaways, i signed up last nov2009, just gave my email add and address online and voila! free lotion! weeee

Monday, January 18, 2010

Legere Facial mask with GOLD

Here's the follow up on my previous blog post,the freebie i got that came with my legere bb cream,its a facial mask called

Legere Whitening Solution
Instant Whitening Facial Mask plus GOLD!
*99.99 Nano Gold Powder
*Ellagic Acid+Arbutin+AA-2G

Dermatologist Tested
For All Skin Types

OOOhh!!! I love Gold!
A Beauty product with gold in it? Girls can have the Best of both worlds!

Directions are written in chinese here's a quick translation:
After washing your face,Place the mask for for 15 to 20 mins,
remove the mask and Lightly pat your face gently (dunno why u have to pat it though)
Use 1 to 2 times a week.

I need to have time to try this!

Friday, January 15, 2010

legere multi white bb cream

Here's another late post, my hubby went to Taiwan and had to stop over to Hongkong,he bought me my first Legere BB cream in watsons at around Php500+ or $11 and it comes with a whitening solution mask for free! Legere here in manila are not sold locally,but there are some online shops who sell them around Php900-1000 or $20. I heard this is Hg bb cream. cant wait to try the mask

Sunday, January 10, 2010

mineral eyeshadows for your jewelries

Mineral eyeshadows have another purpose now! aside from pretty-fying your eyes,they can work as a jewelry enhancer...
I was gonna buy "felicity" in ellana stall in sm makati and got "thrilled" instead bec the former was oos that day,i didnt liked it when i got home! it was super glittery!
But now its my new love...why? read on...
My fave faux gold jewelry i bought way back faded, i suddenly got this idea to use "thrilled" and nail polish to regain it glorious days!

faded glory

with gold nail polish one coat

ellana thrilled added
notice the difference? shimmery gold chain compared to tarnished chain

pendant was way better than i first bought it!!

materials used

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Ive been curious about the korean makeup craze lately,and saw the post on thiamere's blog site,she was saying that korean brand etude house just opened in sm megamall,so i started to research on this brand,i saw this really nice video on youtube ETUDE HOUSE.their products are really cute and haul worthy! im expecially interested in these two products. one is a gel like clear glue that adheres to your lashes,making teardrops or diamonds on the end of ur lashes just like the falsies sold in shu eumura with diamonds. the 2nd is what looks like a glitter eyeliner,used just a lil bit to achieve that open eye effect,i think this is better than putting white eyeliner in ur waterline,the latter makes my eye itchy! very irritating to our eyes!
im wonder if they have these babies in megamall???
miss thiamere? meron ba?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

my nail stamp kit

Here's my konad nail art stamp kit
and the polishes i used for my previous hello kitty nail stamp post --->hello kitty

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hello kitty nail stamp

i have a lot to blog about...
im stressing over all these photos that i saved for bloggin'
to start off
my first nail art
using the face shops nail polish
and konad stamp kit
Glad i found hello kitty plate!!! locally!!! wohoo
i cant find metallic sally hansen polish though..its faced out in the Phil.