Thursday, January 7, 2010


Ive been curious about the korean makeup craze lately,and saw the post on thiamere's blog site,she was saying that korean brand etude house just opened in sm megamall,so i started to research on this brand,i saw this really nice video on youtube ETUDE HOUSE.their products are really cute and haul worthy! im expecially interested in these two products. one is a gel like clear glue that adheres to your lashes,making teardrops or diamonds on the end of ur lashes just like the falsies sold in shu eumura with diamonds. the 2nd is what looks like a glitter eyeliner,used just a lil bit to achieve that open eye effect,i think this is better than putting white eyeliner in ur waterline,the latter makes my eye itchy! very irritating to our eyes!
im wonder if they have these babies in megamall???
miss thiamere? meron ba?


  1. i've been there several times, i love how they play kpop music in some parts of the day. i think it's wonderful that the products are even less expensive than the products in the face shop!

    yep, i'll certainly be a frequent customer there ^_^

  2. hmmm...
    i haven't noticed the tear drop lash. but i bet they have it. i know for sure that they have the tear drop liner because i even swatched it.

    I'll double check it the next time that i go there. I really do need to go there na because i really want to buy the 'exfoliator' din.

    It'll be my homework from you.

    I'll let you know once i went there a!

    hope you'll have a great week,hun!