Sunday, January 24, 2010


Eyelid tapes from Taiwan and Hongkong Chinese instructions at the back with illustrations

I have monolids! but their not a hindrance for a beauty junkie like me who recently got obsessed with makeup!

whenever my hubby goes out of the country,most epecially in asia,he always buys me eyelid tapes,cause its my HG beauty product,he's such a sweetheart even if he doesnt want me to put makeup on,he still buys me my requests during his trips. Oh the POwer of Love!!! haha


  1. i wonder how to put this eyelid tapes.

    re: your question about witch hazel

    some girls break out from using it. however, luckily i did not. i used it mainly for the skin irritation caused by etude fixer. after the irritation healed, i stopped using it. mainly because there are no irritation to cure anymore.

    have a wonderful day.

  2. love, how do eyelid tapes work? just curious! i love make up so im all over finding new items to have fun with.your blog is really cute:)


  3. @ girl with glasses-Il have to post a video of how to put eyelid tapes,thanks for reading my blog and thank you GWG im looking for a new daily toner to replace my Human nature tomato toner, i easily get tired of my skin care routine
    @Eden,thank you so much appreciate ur comment. will post a video of that eyelid tape application soon =)hope u can come back and watch it