Sunday, January 10, 2010

mineral eyeshadows for your jewelries

Mineral eyeshadows have another purpose now! aside from pretty-fying your eyes,they can work as a jewelry enhancer...
I was gonna buy "felicity" in ellana stall in sm makati and got "thrilled" instead bec the former was oos that day,i didnt liked it when i got home! it was super glittery!
But now its my new love...why? read on...
My fave faux gold jewelry i bought way back faded, i suddenly got this idea to use "thrilled" and nail polish to regain it glorious days!

faded glory

with gold nail polish one coat

ellana thrilled added
notice the difference? shimmery gold chain compared to tarnished chain

pendant was way better than i first bought it!!

materials used


  1. wow!
    i'll be doing this for the bracelet that i have with me. it would be like giving a face-lift for my favorite 'ol bracelet!

    thanks for the informative post!

  2. yey!
    il be waiting for ur post thiamere =)