Friday, February 25, 2011

smashbox mother earth palette

look what came from the friendly mailman!!!
smashbox is one of the expensive brands of makeup in beauty bar,i found an eyeshadow palette with three colors for 2000+ it was on sale last christmas for around P1600 then went down to P1200 or $27.I didnt get it cause look what i found on ebay!!!
includes one blush and four eyeshadows,this is my belated christmas gift to a friend,so even if im itching to swatch them..i had to stop myself
i had to bid for this,from P599,i bid P620,added P90 for shipping not bad,the only thing i didnt like about the palette is,it didnt have a mirror! such waste of space!
here's the sellers ebay site-lilshoponline
didnt get any discounts just because i posted this...seller didnt know i have this post.

this is the blush,actual color more vibrant...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

my first eyes of the day post

hi,its the first time im gonna post an eye makeup i did on myself,using my favorite Za palette bought in hongkong,i am really looking for the best gray eyeshadow palette lately but cant find any to my fancy,so i used this instead,colors are shimmery,like almost all asian eyeshadows available.maybe because of our small eyes,shimmer makes it bigger and noticeable.

Used it a lot!

swatches without primer

closer view

i also used a brown shade not included in the palette for the space between my browbone and crease..

a little bit crossed eyed from looking at the camera.lesson learned!

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

swish breath fresh-hooh!

bought this travel pack for P92.75,whats so unique about this pack is the cup!see for urself!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

how to clean fancy jewelry

here's my favorite pair of earrings,it got old and the silver faded and turned black! bleck

so glad i found this stuff...introducing the MC metal polish,Php49.75 at handyman for 125ml...i use an old cloth and polished all the dirt away, but be careful..Warning Warning this stuff smells baaad!! i almost puked! open your windows and doors when you use this,or better yet wear a mask..really im serious!! dont say i did not warn you hehe

Tadah! wrapped it in a clear plastic afterwards so i wont go through hell again..

Saturday, February 5, 2011

i struck gold!

jewelries are my other passion,i struck gold with these finds! looks like a lollipop shaped kiddie earring,but its very sophisticated when worn,i usually buy dangling earrings because it elongates my face,these are like studs, but because of the tail extension there's an illusion of length ,it does not make my face big.its also an interesting way to wear classic pearls..

i get a hard time buying rings,nothing fits! but when i saw this i was ecstatic to find out its my size,size 5..does anyone have the same size as mine? this ring was made for me!its gold with rhinestones and swarovski diamond,im in love

There's something about bows in blogger world..i love it! depends on the desing anyone at any age can wear it!
love this gold bow earrings that extends below the earlobes,it sparkles in the light..twinkle twinkle!! rhinestones are not that perfect but the swarovski blew me away! as well as my cash!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine gifts

received my valentines gift from hubby! its from payless shoes.glad they opened their doors in the PH, he knows i love love boots,friends always tells me "boots nanaman!" (boots again!!?) whenever i pass by shoe stores,i always make sure to look at boots. he also bought some valentine cinnamon rolls,its our fave midnight snack,love love the mocha flavor.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

nature republic

hubby is really sweet,he bought me a new blush from his trip to taiwan here's my last post==> Taiwan,he said that he chanced upon this store with really nice interiors,he only went inside because of it,and just bought a random blush in cute pink packaging,he also got freebies,i dont know what it is,it looks like sekisei bottle in the pic,maybe a moisturizer?
he told me to research on the store,coz he said i would really love to go there with all those girly stuff!!! haha i was just shocked to see it was endorsed by rain!
nature republic,i wanted to sell this,because of my business instincts,but my wife instincts said,touching gift from hubby,keep it fool! it might be gold! haha no, i mean,i might like it

hay so frustrated in posting my facebook page in my blog,help!