Friday, February 25, 2011

smashbox mother earth palette

look what came from the friendly mailman!!!
smashbox is one of the expensive brands of makeup in beauty bar,i found an eyeshadow palette with three colors for 2000+ it was on sale last christmas for around P1600 then went down to P1200 or $27.I didnt get it cause look what i found on ebay!!!
includes one blush and four eyeshadows,this is my belated christmas gift to a friend,so even if im itching to swatch them..i had to stop myself
i had to bid for this,from P599,i bid P620,added P90 for shipping not bad,the only thing i didnt like about the palette is,it didnt have a mirror! such waste of space!
here's the sellers ebay site-lilshoponline
didnt get any discounts just because i posted this...seller didnt know i have this post.

this is the blush,actual color more vibrant...


  1. this is such a pretty palette! :) looking forward to the looks you'll be doing with this sis. :)

  2. wow! this is a very pretty palette! ;)

  3. @sugar thanks,but i gave it away =) its intended to be a gift..hehe

    @charry thanks charry!!! coming from you..that's a wow!