Tuesday, February 1, 2011

nature republic

hubby is really sweet,he bought me a new blush from his trip to taiwan here's my last post==> Taiwan,he said that he chanced upon this store with really nice interiors,he only went inside because of it,and just bought a random blush in cute pink packaging,he also got freebies,i dont know what it is,it looks like sekisei bottle in the pic,maybe a moisturizer?
he told me to research on the store,coz he said i would really love to go there with all those girly stuff!!! haha i was just shocked to see it was endorsed by rain!
nature republic,i wanted to sell this,because of my business instincts,but my wife instincts said,touching gift from hubby,keep it fool! it might be gold! haha no, i mean,i might like it

hay so frustrated in posting my facebook page in my blog,help!


  1. awww that's so cute! :3 i think nature republic is rather new but seems to be making a lot of noise especially since it's endorsed by rain. :)

  2. @sugar..is it new? thats for the info...wish there's more korean cosmetics coming to manila soon
    @marge hehe funny how they get men to endorse cosmetics =)its genius actually

  3. agreed...it's like saying, use this girls, it will get you guys like me ;-) bwahahaha