Wednesday, February 23, 2011

my first eyes of the day post

hi,its the first time im gonna post an eye makeup i did on myself,using my favorite Za palette bought in hongkong,i am really looking for the best gray eyeshadow palette lately but cant find any to my fancy,so i used this instead,colors are shimmery,like almost all asian eyeshadows available.maybe because of our small eyes,shimmer makes it bigger and noticeable.

Used it a lot!

swatches without primer

closer view

i also used a brown shade not included in the palette for the space between my browbone and crease..

a little bit crossed eyed from looking at the camera.lesson learned!

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  1. pretty eotd! :) i also tend to look directly at the camera that's why i crop only 1 eye for eotd's hahaha!

  2. thanks sugar! great tip! now i know why ...
    @charry thanks charry hope i can post more soon =)

  3. awww i like the shimmer satin finish ☺♥

  4. hi marge! thanks thanks =) love this palette!!