Monday, June 13, 2011

Etude House Phillippines Grand sale!!

After 50,000 likes on their facebook fanpage,Etude House Philippines is having their grand sale on all branches!!!
Shall i go on the first day? there might be a long line,and you know what happened to f21 when thay had their first sale...Buh-na-nas! If I'm going on a later date,i might end up with OOS products...Oh well Good luck to me!
What i plan to get: ( and only plan to get what i need LOL!)
BB cream
foundation powder/finishing powder
contour blush-hopefully highlight /blush/ contour in one
stippling brush (hope i can get a hold of this one)
eye primer
concealer brush
face primer

have to research on all this before i go,I'm not sure if SA's will be able to accomodate questions.they'll be really busy in those days

Friday, June 3, 2011

found my orange lippy!

Its orange everywhere! orange craze in cosmetics that is..been wanting to get a coral shade for so long,tossed my favorite coral shade from loreal,coz'I used it all up,and did'nt realize it was so hard to find another one, forgot the shade too =( cant find a replacement since then,maybe its discontinued.
So i saw this tangerine line from Etude house,they have pretty orange lippy shade that matches my skintone pretty well,but also found this maybelline one in cl11,and its 20% off!! and im a sucker for bargains,i got maybelline! there's this corally pink shade also in b22 that i really really like,looks like my discontinued loreal,but SA said the cl11 looks better on me,so i got it,its more orange than the b22.Normally if i ask the SA between two things that i cant decide on,i always go for the the one she did not choose! LOL! my heart is loving the b22 but since orange is all over i wanted to try cl11.I dont know why i didnt get both...Oh! budget! LOL! Its freakin' 20% off!!!! Don't want to impulse buy,I'd like to use one first then buy more later on,maybelline often have their 20% discount anyway,i beleive good things comes to those who wait,just dont wanna spend a lot on cosmetics these days.

elf studio contour brush

Bought this brush in my sm north edsa mini haul,was looking for my backup elf blending brush,the classic one, its so good! i had to get another one because i often use my old one in applying contour eyeshadows or eyeshadows for my crease and left without a clean brush to blend harsh lines,its that useful to me,and you cant beat the price! P129.75,the brush can pick up a good amount of eyeshadows,its rounded fluffy tip is good for blending,its soft and doesnt scratch my gentle lids,i use it more than my mac219 contour brush and cant find it in any mall i frequent to,its always out of stock lately,but then i went to sm north edsa and saw the studio line brushes was almost all completely in stock,from the blush brush,angled brush,powder brush,concealer brush,angled eyeliner brush,eyeshadow c brush and they even have the small smudge brush! elf studio line brushe are P249.75@,a lil bit higher priced than the classic line of brushes,but that did'nt stop me from getting the contour brush instead of the classic blending brush! it preformed well,its soft like the blending brush but denser,its also not scratchy,but it outshined by the blending brush!coz'it erases eyeshadows if used for blending. which one's better? for me,you should get both! LOL! well,out of versatility the classic blending brush is still the best!
And oh! another thing,i didnt realized they put a wrong price tag/sticker tag on the product,my receipt listed P224.75,oh well good for me!

receipt and tag

one the left the studio contour brush,compared to the classic blending brush

brush length comparison

Thursday, June 2, 2011

tonymoly berry lovely dual lipliner

Here's the very genuis tonymoly berry lovely dual lipliner i bought in Sm north edsa i got the shade 03 the lightest shade they got. on one end of the liner is pinkish nude and the other end is a brownish nude color..
swatches below
Why do i need a lipliner? i keep putting lipcolor outside my natural lipline!it does'nt look good i tell yah!

Price P178.00 or $3.95 cheap for dual ended lipliner