Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nyx haul regret

I was avoiding to go to glorietta this weekend,but had to go anyway to look for a new airconditoner,our old one's starting to break down.
What i was trying to avoid was this Px store that sells nyx cosmetics,but there i was,like this lil girl in the toy store,trying to decide what to get. Ive been looking for a red lipstick,elektra a red shade with blue undertone,and they have it! i was really excited and instead of buying one red lipstick,i bought fire, elektra,and 2 eyeshadow palettes! The shangrila palette was really crying out to me,pretty pretty!argh! i need to stop buying cosmetics coz im having lots and lots in my traincase,i dont usually get to use them as often.
i think il try to sell them in my online store

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I'm so happy Bobbie our local brand nail polish released this toxin-free nail polish! Im trying to be eco-friendly as possible for my sake and for the next generation.
As i was painting my nails,a cousin of mine in gradeschool saw me and said nail polish is damaging to the atmosphere and also to our health,and so does hair spray,shampoos etc... so i was really ecstatic to see this article also included in the newspaper i get to save for reference (The Philippine star) for my Tfs post, The nail polish is called Bobbie premium nail creme,(look for the toxin free label below),there's so many shades to choose from,but i was in a hurry when i dropped by watsons and picked this light shimmery hue in chestnut.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I heart TFS

I heart TFS! saw an article or a beauty feature in the newspaper last week,its all about the face shops products,their uses and prices. I kept it for reference because most ads in glossy magazines does not include prices and lack descriptions. When I get to their stores,im almost always clueless of these flowers and fruits,and SA's are not beauty experts,they dont know which products suits specific skin types,even if u read the labels,most of them say "for all skin types". Through this article,i learned that you should not stop at cleansing,u should use masks once or twice a week,and that masks wraps the skin,blocks the air and other external factors thus allowing hydrating nutrients and deep cleansing ing. to be sealed in the outermost layer of the skin,instead of realeased out to the air.Strawberry brightens,grapefruit moisturizes normal to dry skin,kiwi control oil production,most specially grape firm saggy skin!!!

The face shop haul:
Herb day Aloe cleansing foam,(Php295)
Green tea cleansing cream (hydrates dry aging skin) php355
vita k mask (Php95) deep penetrating formula helps reduce wrinkles under the eyes
milk plus body lotion and shower cream (gifts) just included it.

Monday, February 15, 2010

letter to Ponds

Pond's Flawless White Sunblock - 2 Years Shelf life
Wed, February 10, 2010 4:47:58 PM
"Institute-Ph, Ponds"
Add to Contacts

Dear Madam,
Thanks for your email.
The computer-generated code indicated in the packaging of Pond's Flawless White Sunblock is in DDMMYY (Date, Month, Year) format. Under normal usage condition, product is best used within 2 years after the date of manufacture. The product you bought with code date 250708 is NOT expired.
Thanks for taking the time to contact us and we appreciate your continued patronage. Should you have additional questions, feel free to call us at (02) 588-7888.
Consumer Advisory Service

From: Vanessa []
Sent: Friday, February 05, 2010 3:45 PM
To: Institute-Ph, Ponds

Subject: expired Duo Pack

hello there
I purchaSED a Pond's SPF Duo Pack 02/04/10 thursday in Watsons Mall of Asia. the bottle inside says
Mfg date 250708. its manufactured 2008. sunblocks have a shelf life of one year. this means your product is expired. Please see attachment.
Above is my email to Ponds:
preview old post===> Ponds

Well,i returned the Ponds spf duo pack to watsons Moa,I called before i return the product,and the SA was nice enuf to call me back after she got the feedback that ponds have 2-3 yrs shelf life.I exchanged it with Neutrogena waterlight sunblock Php460, i added another Php260 because the Ponds was Php199 only, they were understanding,and most of them agreed with me that Ponds should not put 2008 manufactured products on their shelves when it is already 2010.(the year the product will expire) and besides,products can be exchanged within 7 days,this is The Sm (shoemart) return and exchange condition,since watsons is under Sm management,they share the same conditions.
I got so stressed about this Ponds thing,they're having a huge sale this February until supplies lasts,just be careful when u buy beauty products,even if they are not on sale,some are still misleading,i saw Nivea DNa Age under eye cream in SM dept store beauty section and it will also expire this year,manufactured 2009.
Does this say i shouldnt be fusing over it? and as long as its not food,its still okay to use?

Neutrogena waterlight sunblock in exchange for my Almost expired Ponds flawless white spf duo pack

Sunday, February 14, 2010

ellana minerals reloaded

My new pure blend ellana. (biggest size) lasts to my hearts content.
green concealer innocence on the left,this works!

With my ellana eyeshadows,concealer and highlighter

Happy Valentines!
I was excited my ellana mineral foundie arrived! i was running out of my mineral staple so i got this from my cousins girlfriend whos a reseller,free delivery ofcourse!
Lately its been sweltering hot! and humid! no makeup lasts all day, everything gets oily,streaky and uncomfortable when u get out of the airconditioner and u have makeup on. One makeup that fights this fight is mineral makeup!,it covers pores,keep oilies at bay,really makes my skin looking flawless all day, i can even sleep with it! i havent tried sleeping with it 8 hours long though,but i usualy get beauty naps for an hour or so,and when i have my mineral foundie on,i wake up in love with what im seeing in the mirror! and when i feel like my skin is starting to get tired and dull of all the environmental pollution,i put it on and breakouts are prevented before it pisses me out of my wits.. and thus i get instant glowing skin.lurve it!
Another benefit from the mineral makeup is the added spf,its not much as it boasts of its spf 15 sun protection factor ,but it protects me when I go out on a quick trip to the grocery, to the bank or when i bring my toddler to school nearby just a little time exposed in the sun.
I have lots of powders, but every one of them serves its own purpose...but as of now,i really need my ellana mineral makeup for hot days out...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

First 1 Million To Join Will Receive FREE Beauty Samples!

Lots of my friends are joining this group,i tried joining,hope il get samples soon!
click the pic on how to join!
It says:
The first 1 MILLION verified submissions will be receiving assorted beauty product samples. The beauty samples are brand new, and are from any number of cosmetic brands.

The samples you will receive will have a combined value of anywhere from $15 to $100. Unfortunately, due to the quantity, we can't allow people to choose specific brands.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ponds Spf Duo Pack (EXPIRED)

Manufacturing date 250708

I was meaning to buy a new sunblock for my face. I heard many good reviews about neutrogena waterlight so i went to watsons to buy one,but i saw ponds was on sale! they have promo packs that was so hard to pass up!
Neutrogena was sold Php460 or $10 each,but the Ponds flawless white sunblock was on BOGOF! Buy 1 Get 1 FREE! for Php 199 or $4 for 30ml each. The rest of the Flawless white line is also on sale,and some Pond's age miracle products.
I purchased Ponds.thinking that i got a good deal,i opened it when i got home
Shesh ka bob! Manufacturing date at the back was 250708!! I know that facial products including sunblock has a shelf life of one year only. I got ripped off!!!
What should i do with this?! You would not see the expiration or the Manufacturing date unless you open the box,and the box is sealed,the inner box was also sealed with a plastic.
Please tell me Ponds your not putting expired products on sale.its so misleading!

Monday, February 1, 2010

watsons taiwan

Hubby came home from a short business trip to Taiwan, i was excited to see him but more excited to receive these gifts! haha
Eyelid tapes for my online shop
Much coveted fiberwig mascara,it was on sale for nt$289, i heard its 800 online
Hanskin super magic BB cream
Missha perfect cover BB cream
L'EGERE Magic BB Pore Concealer
L'EGERE SPF 34 UV White BB Cream Aqua & Shiny Pearl BB Powder Set
Revlon Illuminants eyeshadow,this one's phased out in manila!
and a box of Taiwan goodies!!