Monday, February 15, 2010

letter to Ponds

Pond's Flawless White Sunblock - 2 Years Shelf life
Wed, February 10, 2010 4:47:58 PM
"Institute-Ph, Ponds"
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Dear Madam,
Thanks for your email.
The computer-generated code indicated in the packaging of Pond's Flawless White Sunblock is in DDMMYY (Date, Month, Year) format. Under normal usage condition, product is best used within 2 years after the date of manufacture. The product you bought with code date 250708 is NOT expired.
Thanks for taking the time to contact us and we appreciate your continued patronage. Should you have additional questions, feel free to call us at (02) 588-7888.
Consumer Advisory Service

From: Vanessa []
Sent: Friday, February 05, 2010 3:45 PM
To: Institute-Ph, Ponds

Subject: expired Duo Pack

hello there
I purchaSED a Pond's SPF Duo Pack 02/04/10 thursday in Watsons Mall of Asia. the bottle inside says
Mfg date 250708. its manufactured 2008. sunblocks have a shelf life of one year. this means your product is expired. Please see attachment.
Above is my email to Ponds:
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Well,i returned the Ponds spf duo pack to watsons Moa,I called before i return the product,and the SA was nice enuf to call me back after she got the feedback that ponds have 2-3 yrs shelf life.I exchanged it with Neutrogena waterlight sunblock Php460, i added another Php260 because the Ponds was Php199 only, they were understanding,and most of them agreed with me that Ponds should not put 2008 manufactured products on their shelves when it is already 2010.(the year the product will expire) and besides,products can be exchanged within 7 days,this is The Sm (shoemart) return and exchange condition,since watsons is under Sm management,they share the same conditions.
I got so stressed about this Ponds thing,they're having a huge sale this February until supplies lasts,just be careful when u buy beauty products,even if they are not on sale,some are still misleading,i saw Nivea DNa Age under eye cream in SM dept store beauty section and it will also expire this year,manufactured 2009.
Does this say i shouldnt be fusing over it? and as long as its not food,its still okay to use?

Neutrogena waterlight sunblock in exchange for my Almost expired Ponds flawless white spf duo pack


  1. it's great that you were able to return it & exchange it to neutrogena. at least mas sure ka na.

    no to ponds talaga ko

  2. Nice to know they understand the situation.glad you got the neutrogena, I'll wait for your review :)

  3. thanks for commenting thiamere and charry =)
    I wonder why beauty bloggers are not blogging about the Ponds sale though i heard everythings being snatched up and are sold out.

    il try to make reviews soon =)

  4. I hate Pond's na! How deceitful! Kaya pala ang hilig hilig nila magpasale! Para magtinda ng expired!