Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ponds Spf Duo Pack (EXPIRED)

Manufacturing date 250708

I was meaning to buy a new sunblock for my face. I heard many good reviews about neutrogena waterlight so i went to watsons to buy one,but i saw ponds was on sale! they have promo packs that was so hard to pass up!
Neutrogena was sold Php460 or $10 each,but the Ponds flawless white sunblock was on BOGOF! Buy 1 Get 1 FREE! for Php 199 or $4 for 30ml each. The rest of the Flawless white line is also on sale,and some Pond's age miracle products.
I purchased Ponds.thinking that i got a good deal,i opened it when i got home
Shesh ka bob! Manufacturing date at the back was 250708!! I know that facial products including sunblock has a shelf life of one year only. I got ripped off!!!
What should i do with this?! You would not see the expiration or the Manufacturing date unless you open the box,and the box is sealed,the inner box was also sealed with a plastic.
Please tell me Ponds your not putting expired products on sale.its so misleading!


  1. awww...

    im not sure about this,sis..but i remember what the SA of 1 shop told me about creams. Unopened creams can go for 3 or 2 years & its still good. Pag naexpose na sa air saka lng maco-count ung 1 year

    parang ganun ang pgkakaintindi ko e...

    hindi talaga ako sure a

  2. mag dilang anghel ka sana thiamere,i hope ur right.
    The face shop told me na 1 year from manufacturing date bago ma expire. most TFS products are sold on the same manufacturing year.
    nakakahiya naman ang Ponds.
    I'm still waiting for Ponds reply about this.
    nainis ako!

  3. tsk tsk tsk
    shame on them!

    that's why they do BOGO pala...