Sunday, February 14, 2010

ellana minerals reloaded

My new pure blend ellana. (biggest size) lasts to my hearts content.
green concealer innocence on the left,this works!

With my ellana eyeshadows,concealer and highlighter

Happy Valentines!
I was excited my ellana mineral foundie arrived! i was running out of my mineral staple so i got this from my cousins girlfriend whos a reseller,free delivery ofcourse!
Lately its been sweltering hot! and humid! no makeup lasts all day, everything gets oily,streaky and uncomfortable when u get out of the airconditioner and u have makeup on. One makeup that fights this fight is mineral makeup!,it covers pores,keep oilies at bay,really makes my skin looking flawless all day, i can even sleep with it! i havent tried sleeping with it 8 hours long though,but i usualy get beauty naps for an hour or so,and when i have my mineral foundie on,i wake up in love with what im seeing in the mirror! and when i feel like my skin is starting to get tired and dull of all the environmental pollution,i put it on and breakouts are prevented before it pisses me out of my wits.. and thus i get instant glowing skin.lurve it!
Another benefit from the mineral makeup is the added spf,its not much as it boasts of its spf 15 sun protection factor ,but it protects me when I go out on a quick trip to the grocery, to the bank or when i bring my toddler to school nearby just a little time exposed in the sun.
I have lots of powders, but every one of them serves its own purpose...but as of now,i really need my ellana mineral makeup for hot days out...