Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I heart TFS

I heart TFS! saw an article or a beauty feature in the newspaper last week,its all about the face shops products,their uses and prices. I kept it for reference because most ads in glossy magazines does not include prices and lack descriptions. When I get to their stores,im almost always clueless of these flowers and fruits,and SA's are not beauty experts,they dont know which products suits specific skin types,even if u read the labels,most of them say "for all skin types". Through this article,i learned that you should not stop at cleansing,u should use masks once or twice a week,and that masks wraps the skin,blocks the air and other external factors thus allowing hydrating nutrients and deep cleansing ing. to be sealed in the outermost layer of the skin,instead of realeased out to the air.Strawberry brightens,grapefruit moisturizes normal to dry skin,kiwi control oil production,most specially grape firm saggy skin!!!

The face shop haul:
Herb day Aloe cleansing foam,(Php295)
Green tea cleansing cream (hydrates dry aging skin) php355
vita k mask (Php95) deep penetrating formula helps reduce wrinkles under the eyes
milk plus body lotion and shower cream (gifts) just included it.


  1. i like TFS too..
    why is it that when i shop i never get freebies from them no matter how much i spent

    you have to try the changpo shampoo & conditioner. it's really better than the L'oreal shampoos & conditioner that are available on the dept store.

  2. oh sorry,gifts i meant gift from a friend..not from tfs =) i was in a hurry when i made this post,grammar and spelling are a mess!
    preview before saving next time...
    i use to get freebies,this time they always say freebies are out of stock and will remember to give you when u come back,(without listing ur name) i never did get anything