Tuesday, April 26, 2011

cashmere eye of the day

Here we go with browns!!! i feel like i master more with browns than any other colors,maybe because browns are more natural,making it easier to blend to our own skin,i call this Cashmere

Monday, April 18, 2011

Terracota neutral eye of the day

Its so so hot,summer is definitely here! instead of going overboard on colors,i subdued my eye makeup,i think browns are really the way to go if you want neatly effortless eye makeup,its the way to go if you want to have that no make up-makeup look.lately ive been experimenting on browns and oranges...take a look

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Olives and greens sparkly eotd

whenever i have sparkly or less pigmented eyeshdows i put it over dark ones to make the color appear,its rich and surprisingly sophisticated not tacky.
i used a dark olive eyeshadow first and then my lumiere cats eye over it.result is nice but subdued smokey look..
im terrible in blending!im trying to master that art,and of course hope i can take better pictures someday


im in love with mulberry! LV,balenciaga,or even longchamp does not impress me,i have this attitude that whenever something i like is all over the metro,or is much coveted by everybody,i loose interest in it,so i always buy no brand bags with nice leather and design,(think h&M;f21).People always wonder where i buy them,so i decided to sell leather bags in my online store

about my new bag,i saw this mulberry look alike in CMG MOA window last month,i said to my hubby who was with me at that time that if ever i get angry at him for something,i want him to buy me that bag as a sign of making peace with me,haha! inner diva acting up! its P2499,the leather is really lovely,but with no bias at all,my bags online have much nicer material than this on.
so when we saw it on sale this week! i didnt buy it! haha. he was telling me to buy it,and that he'll buy it for me even were not having our lovers quarrel.I quickly lead him away coz i know i just pulled out two bags from my store for myself,you see,i use my bags too,their that pretty! *wink*,having another one is greedy already! so we went shopping for our necessities,kids clothes and things,children first! hehe when we get to the car to go home! he brought out this red bag from CMG!! shreek! he said "you deserve it hun!" awwww...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Decals for summer

Decals are so much fun! its a new way of wearing you're nails without the hassle,for me its much more easier to apply than regular polish,and the designs are so cute and classy! an easy way to add pizazz to your nails,i get lots of compliments from friends and even my suking kakanin vendor: teh! ang galing naman nyang kuko nyo!
its basically a card with the design,u cut it into stirps and place it in a bowl of water,the decals will separate from the paper and u can place it on your finger,use a nail file to cut the decals to the shape of your nails tips. put your favorite clear polish or top coat and voila! magic! the paper will wrap itself to your original nail,dont worry about wrinkles and folds,the top coat will fix it for you,making it flawless like art on your nails,no one can suspect their just decals,or i like to call them tattoos,cause it reminds me so much of my childhood days,getting temporary sticker tattoos off the paper card with water and placing it directly to your skin..decals are just like that,except you put it on your nails and apply top coast to seal...that's all!!! so so easy!!
i bought one card decal for Php40 which has 11 pcs of nail tattoos,one piece to correct a wrong application...they also have buy 5 and free 1, besides national bookstore ground floor tutuban cnter

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

purple hues

Ive been playing with purple eyecolor lately,came up with these two looks...

this first look is best for daytime

and this one for nighttime

Friday, April 1, 2011

fre samples haul again!

I love how the samples have demonstration on how to massage the skin and eye area for best results! i really want to learn this technique, its for better absorption of the product,but i just cant remember them when do my beauty regimen...

So embarassed to post my new haul...free samples haul again!!! hah
all these free samples are making me greedy!
i thought if i got free samples from Laneige MOA,ican get some from Robinsons Place!
kakahiya! kapal! sampal sampal!
well.i think all cosmetics brand most specially skincare brands should give away samples before we buy big bottles and tubs of unwanted stuff lying around our vanity
table,allergies,breakouts alert,nobody wats to shell out a lot for their skin if its not hiyang or it does not suit them.