Friday, April 1, 2011

fre samples haul again!

I love how the samples have demonstration on how to massage the skin and eye area for best results! i really want to learn this technique, its for better absorption of the product,but i just cant remember them when do my beauty regimen...

So embarassed to post my new samples haul again!!! hah
all these free samples are making me greedy!
i thought if i got free samples from Laneige MOA,ican get some from Robinsons Place!
kakahiya! kapal! sampal sampal!
well.i think all cosmetics brand most specially skincare brands should give away samples before we buy big bottles and tubs of unwanted stuff lying around our vanity
table,allergies,breakouts alert,nobody wats to shell out a lot for their skin if its not hiyang or it does not suit them.


  1. awww don't be embarrassed to post if their samples. i think people should know that korean stores often give out samples that way we know what's out there and give this brands a try rather than the usual stuff. it gives people options, so thanks ☺♥

  2. Thanks marge,your right =) il haul more! hahah joke =) take care marge! love your blog