Tuesday, April 12, 2011


im in love with mulberry! LV,balenciaga,or even longchamp does not impress me,i have this attitude that whenever something i like is all over the metro,or is much coveted by everybody,i loose interest in it,so i always buy no brand bags with nice leather and design,(think h&M;f21).People always wonder where i buy them,so i decided to sell leather bags in my online store

about my new bag,i saw this mulberry look alike in CMG MOA window last month,i said to my hubby who was with me at that time that if ever i get angry at him for something,i want him to buy me that bag as a sign of making peace with me,haha! inner diva acting up! its P2499,the leather is really lovely,but with no bias at all,my bags online have much nicer material than this on.
so when we saw it on sale this week! i didnt buy it! haha. he was telling me to buy it,and that he'll buy it for me even were not having our lovers quarrel.I quickly lead him away coz i know i just pulled out two bags from my store for myself,you see,i use my bags too,their that pretty! *wink*,having another one is greedy already! so we went shopping for our necessities,kids clothes and things,children first! hehe when we get to the car to go home! he brought out this red bag from CMG!! shreek! he said "you deserve it hun!" awwww...


  1. this looks like an awesome & sturdy bag that can be used for everyday. i usually like to wear my bags out haha! =D

  2. thanks sugar,its not as sturdy genuine leather,i should be careful,it can easily be cut by pens and pins...but its design is uber mulberry!