Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ol'eo Hair regrowth Shampoo and Conditioner review

I have this hairfall dilemma for sometime now,on and off usually excessive when im stressed,i tried Pantene hairfall control,Dove's line, Mane n' Tail (usually works),local organic brand giga's solid shampoo,and lastly Ol'eo a local organic brand sold in Sesou Nature source

I first saw them on display in Sesou Robinsons Magnolia,yellow and orange packaging instantly stood out almost looks like a sale sign! haha and had to try it out!

the hair and scalp conditioner is placed in a box because its in powder form,its actually two items.

details on the box

Its a green colored shampoo that smells a lot like the scent coolwater! I'm so glad that the smell was pleasant enough to use everyday,cause i have a high sensitivity to lemongrass and citronella which is almost always present in organic products,the smell goes away when your hair is dry.

So you basically mix a ratio of 1:1 of shampoo and the unique mineral powder scrub together and use it like how you shampoo your hair,leave it on for abount 2-3 minutes then rinse.

Okay, so it felt a little itchy,the more time i leave it,it will itch more,but wait! it goes away when my hair is dry.
I used up the 125ml shampoo and the 40 grams mineral powder and bought the bigger sized bottle,and the itchies went away completely,so i guess my scalp need to get use to organic ingredients...

This is my hair before i used oleo

But the results are the most rewarding!
my hair AFTER using up the smallest starter/sample bottle which is 40g of mineral conditioning powder and the 125ml shampoo
The photo does'nt looked like i grew much hair,but for me,i got less hairfall at about 70%,its not dramatic in hairgrowth but i got this result after using the tester sized bottle,so for me thats a big difference already!

here's a pic to compare sizes:
Ol'eo Hair regrowth treatment shampoo
goes in 250ml Php165 and 125 ml Php98
Ol'eo Hair & Scalp Conditioner (powder form)
goes in 80grams Php200 and 40 grams Php112

- significantly less hairfall (don't comb hair when wet)
- a few hair grew
- smells great!
- unique powder formed conditoner
- inexpensive!
- easy to find locally

- Itches at first but goes away when you kept using