Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cache Cache Philippines sale-what's in store

jacket is P1100 sale price

maxi dress was P850 sale price,i thought i liked it,but i look big in the tummy area hehe

jacket with the denim maxi

Mint is so in! but their clothes screams school girl...P450 from 999

Orange was a lot better on my skintone but it seems that i see orange almost everywhere,im getting tired of the color =( P450 from P999

OOOhhhh...P350 after discount,nah...sooo teeny bopper style,

skirt P650 after discount,its in XL thus explaining the ugly fitting on me.

I don't know if i can pull off a polka dotted dress,ugh! anybody have a lil sister?

On model.Credits to cache cache Ph for this photo

P200 top with P450 bottom skirt.

Didn't get anything from there,just so you know,I'm on a budget...and on a buy only what you need,or would wear situation haha!
Cache Cache PH facebook page==?HERE

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