Friday, January 18, 2013

Forever21 Further reduction sale Jan 2013

Forever21 Philippines,Now where talking!
Further reduction sale ongoing and you wouldn't believe how much this dress costs!

the back is low cut,but you can always wear a inner tube,but one reason why this was onsale,despite of the full lining,thick material,the low back made the sides of the armhole loose,its because there's nothing to hold the widen open back together,but wit the price,i have a remedy! Let's see if i can post an after pic if i have this repaired.

so P1435 less 50%off P719 less further reduction equals to P359.50! what?!!!!!

this necklace i found was in the sale corner of their store,its was already 50%off
P358 down to P179,Further reduced to P89!

see the tag?

so here's the promo ad of Forever21 PH in their fb site.

Remeber this tube top from my previous post? HERE
it was P718 less 50% off,now with the further reduction, i grabbed it for P 179.50!!!

I forgot to pick this up! saw it in the racks,dang it! my post before HERE

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