Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mango Philippines end of season sale

Mango really has stepped up,and i think this is all because of the bloggers features,they brought back the brands' name,use to be people where lining up to get their signature tees,the one with the "mango and you" printed in front,i knew then that a lot of my friends where absent from work just to get their hands on mango sale items,there where always a line for sizes,another line for the fitting room and another long line for the cashier,gone were those days,I dunno what happened but mango lost its appeal then,even if they had the hollywood endorsers,it was still not "PATOK" like before. Until these local bloggers gave them the brand quality and their clothes being sought after once again,this is from our countries point of view. So when i got to their branches,tons of beautiful clothes where once again,candy to my! i forgot how they always have quality material,and stitching where superb,no loose stitches like f21..shhhh but their bags are another story,its still hasn't regain its appeal.

Im still on the hunt for their loose picture tees,i had no luck with sizes.

got this belt,their belts are really nice quality

look at the price after discount.they gave me free sample of tresemme!

but i was desperate to get those army green tees and got this in large! i know it will look good on a pair of leggings or skinny pants. a nice fitted skirt will give it oomph! ohhh sexy with booties!

a little outfit of the day,
my uber favorite black sheep top
and random leggings
celine necklace
payless boots

i love that they update their site! i can see how the clothes look like on the models,and how to wear it==> HERE

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