Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sale Alert!Manila,get ready on NOV25 to DEC 4,2011

Remember my ?
well here's an announcement i saw on on facebook. I dunno about december 4 ready for leftovers when you get there by then.nasty leftovers! lol!

Monday, November 14, 2011

sm department store sale

Same as with my shopping luck that day in my forever21 buy 1 take 1 post,i also dropped by sm department store and i tell you i had to stop myself from grabbing fab finds in half the price from its original! and also the mall was closing already while i was still trying them on in the fitting room. i was shocked that there was a lot of sizes available and fair quantities with those orange tags that says 50% off,mostly sale items i chance upon where few and having 1 last stock without my size,but this time,i was in bargain luck!lol! here's what i bought

ooohhh loved this top,it was the only one left,size was large,but good thing the loose fit is the rage nowadays!!!
note: i saw sizes and other colors like baby blue and gray in sm north edsa.

okay..Php550 for this top? ummm i could do better...

tadaa!!! pic of the other side of the tag

still don't believe me? here's the receipt! hahahaha

after purchasing,i saw soiree was on sale too...uummph! have to go back

the sale goes on until november27. on all sm department store branches happy bargain shopping!!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Forever21 buy 1 take 1

Another fab find or bargain alert. I could not believe i chanced upon forever21 buy1 take 1,4 full racks of clothes that already has 50% off from the tag,and you get to pick another item for free! why, i swear it was my lucky bargain day! aside from clothes,shoes and bags are also included,okay,this is not one of those forever21 sale days where people get Buh-nanas,this one's for the 3 day pre holiday sale sm is having for the end of october,its much more stressfree to shop,coz there are only a handful of people around,seems like no ones aware of it,okay here's what i got!

First off is this brown sandals,what a beauty! its originally P1300+ 50% off its P 689 buy 1 take 1 so i got...the next item which is a romper

this blue romper retails P815-50%off thats P407.50!! buy 1 take 1 together with the shoe!

so i paid the higher priced item which is the shoe! they charged me P689 for two items!

saw this top on the previous f21 sale that only had 50% off,i did not get it back then,but boy i did not regret it! good things comes to those who wait!

and oh! this was the only stock left and its my size! see?! told yah lucky day!

got the red blouse with this romper...did i mention they're buy 1 take 1???? lol!
I paid only P507 for both!

this had a unique back!

the tag

tried it with the sandals

i was wearing leggings and boots that day.