Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Good things Comes who those who wait -HAIR! Babyliss PRO215

My most fave buy before the year 2012 ends!
I can't stop raving about this styling tool since my search for a flat iron ends this instant!
I was looking for flat iron/curling iron to style my unruly hair, one that's hassle free and easy to use! i scoured "The Landmark" "robinsons Dept. Store" and Sm malls and almost bought this pink styling tool from Sm watsons,but had to think twice because of the manager's warning that they received negative feedback from this new tool,try to stay away from it,its the P999 flat iron that says its ceramic,its a no-no.

until i found this!
I always see babyliss in youtube gurus and i know that its one of the most reliable styling tool in the US.so I'm glad to get my hands on these!

Best of all is the price to beat! from P2550 35%off P1650 less 10% equals to P1485!!!

10% came from this promo! watsons almost always gives away this promo,so watch out for it.

I also considered picking up the vidal sassoon mini flat iron that costs P999 after discount,it was almost P1500 originally.

I did'nt get it because the vidal sassoon SA in Sm Dept store mall of asia was trying to convince me to get their most expensive flat iron the black wet and dry kind,i said i dont want to get it because its expensive,until i saw the sm watsons pink P999 one,she then pull out this vidal sassoon mini flat iron (photo above) that was not on display from their line, but when i started to show interest on it,she kept on saying that its inferior to their wet and dry one,telling me again and again "ito nalang" "ito nalang" (get this one),with her impatient and unfriendly way of convincing me,( not looking into my eye annoying way when she speaks)insisting to buy the expensive wet and dry one.
Not only that they are not helping me decide on my purchase,but furthermore confusing me,you know that feeling wherein you wanted to buy something that works but doesnt cost a head and a foot? I understand its the best in their brand but i don't want the best, i only wanted something that works. the "turning AWAY" point was when she commented "those are the cheapest tools here in the store" in tagalog "yan na yung mga pinakamura dito sa watsons" (pabalang at inis) and looked away while storing away the tools.almost saying to my face that im cheap! I'm a practical buyer and a bargain hunter! so miss disrespectful SA and miss mahilig magparinig,ikaw ba lahat ng binibili mo yung mahal?
Guess what i bought babyliss! the next time i passed by their area,she was looking at me and following me with a ,i know her look and enving my curled hair. umph!

Here's a video where i learned the most helpful tricks on styling your hair and curling it with a straight iron,i saw 3 videos and this one was the mosthelpful of all,tried it twice and got it at my 2nd try!


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