Monday, December 19, 2011

holy grail mascara 50% off!!!

Waiting for my holy grail (HG) mascara on sale till forever! i usually chance upon maybelline on sale for 10% and 20%,but my hg mascara never goes on sale!
So for the whole month of December,maybelline cosmetics is now having their 30% discount,so i was surprised to see a "50% discount on selected items" on their counter,so guess whats the selected item?
Maybelline cat's eye mascara 50% off!!!!
grabbed two! P449 50% off! what a steal
Robinsons department store

Friday, December 9, 2011

sm shoemart bargain

This awesome ring looks vintage!

the price was originally Php245 -20% discount,it should be down to P200
but waaaiiiiitttt...when i paid at the counter...i got charged P125!!! weee!! additional discount at the counter!

cant pass up this top because of the price either!

i tried this greacian maxi dress it was 50% off,as i remember its down to P450!
i didn't get it though,i didnt like the material

This was also 50%off,the whole things' in lace! with lining! and costs P350 after discount,but the color was too drab! i look old

Thursday, December 1, 2011

forever21 novermber 2011

Tha last time i was lucky,this time its boring! it was announced! buy1take1 i doubt im going to get anything,there where mostly printed and busy clothes,or clothes that are shoving out of the fashion scene,there's only a few selection for buy 1 take 1 and mostly where 50% or 20% off, people i saw where class b-c shoppers,and they too had a hard time looking for good finds,although i said to one of their SA's how come your aanouncement says the promo was till dec 4 but i cant find a decent filled rack that has buy 1take 1 items. she did not answer....i went there on the 2nd day of the sale. i Just saw this lovely shade of blue and green like turquoise aquamarine,its long and 50% off! so took that to the register paid and took off =)
How about you did you score some finds?