Monday, December 19, 2011

holy grail mascara 50% off!!!

Waiting for my holy grail (HG) mascara on sale till forever! i usually chance upon maybelline on sale for 10% and 20%,but my hg mascara never goes on sale!
So for the whole month of December,maybelline cosmetics is now having their 30% discount,so i was surprised to see a "50% discount on selected items" on their counter,so guess whats the selected item?
Maybelline cat's eye mascara 50% off!!!!
grabbed two! P449 50% off! what a steal
Robinsons department store


  1. wow!
    50% off of the cat eyes mascara?
    have to hurry!!!!!

  2. not sure if they're still on, sm does not have that discount..try robinsons... thanks for dropping by thiamere

  3. pppsttt malapit ka ba sa rob gale? like equitable tower? pag nag sale ang l'oreal super bagsak presyo, mga yan 100 pag maybelline then l'oreal is 130.
    i tweet about it, since i work a floor away from them. pero yun, f&f for the big names like shu, kiehls, etc then for the public the rest na like garnier, maybelline, etc. in good condition naman, just the boxes are crushed so they get rid of it.
    will update my twitter pag meron ulit, they had na last oct then 2wks ago lang.

  4. hi marge! talaga??? naku malayong malayo ako sa gale! =( thanks for the tip! nakabili ka ba ng madame? swerte naman!

  5. yeh, medyo lang naman hehehe kaya maaga ko nakapag xmas shopping for the amigas ;-)

  6. wow! perfect christmas gifts..cosmetics!!! yehey!!! geez what a steal!