Monday, January 9, 2012

forever21 January2011 sale

Another forever21 visit,trying to get hold of the nicer clothes before they have their buy1 take 1,just like food,buy 1 take 1 are leftovers,but of course,with luck on you're side u can score some finds just like i did before--> here
WEll they are having their year end sale ongoing from Dec26 to jan15..check what i got!

this tunic is 20% offP595 down to P476

This knit top 50% off
from P765 to P382

Was looking for knee legnth skirt,lucky lucky! P385 what a steal!
surprise surprise! my recipt says 20% off even if the tag doesnt indicate so
down to P308!!!

this was 20% off i think after discount it was P715..didnt get it though! darn!

ummm...what else did i saw there on sale...
oh! saw this 20% off

and this red number was P900 + down to 20% off

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