Thursday, February 18, 2010


I'm so happy Bobbie our local brand nail polish released this toxin-free nail polish! Im trying to be eco-friendly as possible for my sake and for the next generation.
As i was painting my nails,a cousin of mine in gradeschool saw me and said nail polish is damaging to the atmosphere and also to our health,and so does hair spray,shampoos etc... so i was really ecstatic to see this article also included in the newspaper i get to save for reference (The Philippine star) for my Tfs post, The nail polish is called Bobbie premium nail creme,(look for the toxin free label below),there's so many shades to choose from,but i was in a hurry when i dropped by watsons and picked this light shimmery hue in chestnut.


  1. looks great!

    i think the only environment-friendly polish that i've across with is the Elena polishes. you'll know it if safe when you swatch it on the styrofoam...


  2. yes yes thiamere! they're great! but a lil bit pricey,but they're nice and genius!