Thursday, February 17, 2011

how to clean fancy jewelry

here's my favorite pair of earrings,it got old and the silver faded and turned black! bleck

so glad i found this stuff...introducing the MC metal polish,Php49.75 at handyman for 125ml...i use an old cloth and polished all the dirt away, but be careful..Warning Warning this stuff smells baaad!! i almost puked! open your windows and doors when you use this,or better yet wear a mask..really im serious!! dont say i did not warn you hehe

Tadah! wrapped it in a clear plastic afterwards so i wont go through hell again..


  1. yay! this post is really helpful. will try these on my accessories too. :3

  2. wow, will definitely get one soon ;)

  3. hi! is this a good post? glad i helped! was contemplating on posting or not hehe..thanks guys! much hugs