Saturday, February 5, 2011

i struck gold!

jewelries are my other passion,i struck gold with these finds! looks like a lollipop shaped kiddie earring,but its very sophisticated when worn,i usually buy dangling earrings because it elongates my face,these are like studs, but because of the tail extension there's an illusion of length ,it does not make my face big.its also an interesting way to wear classic pearls..

i get a hard time buying rings,nothing fits! but when i saw this i was ecstatic to find out its my size,size 5..does anyone have the same size as mine? this ring was made for me!its gold with rhinestones and swarovski diamond,im in love

There's something about bows in blogger world..i love it! depends on the desing anyone at any age can wear it!
love this gold bow earrings that extends below the earlobes,it sparkles in the light..twinkle twinkle!! rhinestones are not that perfect but the swarovski blew me away! as well as my cash!


  1. ohhhh!!! those are lovely pieces. i especially like the ring! so pretty & girly! ^-^