Friday, January 22, 2010

Latest magazine issues for Php70

preview November 2009 and mega january 2010

Beauty AWARDS from preview

I love to try Laneige

Revlon has a new lipstick,like occ lip tar i think?

My local sari sari store sells latest and back issues of magazines for half the prize,it still looks like any new magazines sold at the high end magazine stores,but they took out all the freebies inside.
Most brand at my local sarisari is preview,entreprenuer, mega,meg,menshealth,etc.


  1. i have 2 shades of the new revlon colorstay ultimate liquid lipstick ahm well, colorstay nga, hahaha, will make that my next review ^_^

  2. that's gr8! im so curious abt it...liquid lipstick how much was it? il check ur blog =)

  3. Hi Vanessa, your lucky P70 lang yung mega? I paid 150 for that, anyway, I love reading your blog posts. :)

  4. thank charry! nagulat nga ko we have the same mag pala.yes 70 yung mega tska yang back issue ng preview. nabasa na ng iba,plinastic lang ulit... =)
    thanks for ur comment =)

  5. hehehe honga natapos ka na yung review on the revlon ultimate liquid lipstick.

    just saw the laneige page, i only have one laneige item but got to try the snow crystal dual foundation, wow, maganda nga, maganda rin ang presyo, hehehe.

    what i did end up buying is their makeup base, awesome awesome product, can make nearly all foundations salvage-able plus the spf is 40 pa ++. ^_^