Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Vanilla & CO haul

Do you remember Vanilla & Co.? it was very popular when multiply shopping was at large and facebook was not yet online,its an online store selling luscious smelling bath care, bath care? is there a word? skincare, bath care,makes sense to me,ok Ill stop babbling now..zip it! I ran out of my body wash recently and again,being the ever "bored with the same products" person that i am,i started looking for tasty and yummy smelling body wash,thus i remembered Vanilla & CO. i started looking for them in facebook but can't find them,its hard to search for something particular in facebook if you don't know the online stores facebook username,finally i found it and read that sesou stores carries them,so off to glorietta for me! but the body wash and hair treatment i want was not in stock,they only have the lotions and scrubs,the SA recommended drops of dew, i got to sample their testers and loved the milky almond and honey! its a face and body moisturizer! you can use it also on top of your makeup! oohhhh if it was with spf! its gonna be HG material i tell you! i used it for 2 weeks now and even if it is creamy and looks really hard to absorb! its really the opposite! so I'm sure this will do well with both oily and dry skin,or if your a combo,perfecto! It moisturizes Le fez! not sticky at all,although i havent tried putting it over my makeup cause something about it makes me irk! im afraid my face powder or foundation will be absorbed into my skin as well? i dunno....does that make sense? i ordered the vit e hair mask (comes in 150g jar) in mint chocolat and the strawberry cheesecake P199each extra moisturizing bodywash 300 ml sweet pea vanilla and almonds and cream P189 each shipping fee was P85 boo! 3 days warking day waiting time double boo!
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downside is,i was disapointed with the amount,its just too small of a jar,compared with lorys..see? but of course they are different in ingredients,but again,i would be happier if they were generous
and also,even if they bubble wraped once and taped all the openings and screw caps,it still spilled when it came,but good thing they are individually wrapped in plastic. (body of the jar-label soaked bec of spillage)
this smells reallly goooddd
drops of dew in milky almond and honey! scent is heavenly!
overall i would love to try their other scents,if they go on sale! haha Vanilla and Co facebook page-->HERE

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  1. i love your discussion here :D love Vanilla&Co xD &&yez i agree, hope they'd go on sale, would totally love to try the chocolate & coffee scents ;)