Monday, June 18, 2012

jocarste nail polish review

Ive been getting more jocarste nail polishes,here's my previous post

I used a jocarste nail glitter over an etude house milky pink polish to have texture and make it more noticeable,cause the milky pink tends to get washed out with my own hands,the glitters are so subtle but classy with the right amount of bling! i like it

holding the etude milky pink bottle

They're so so pretty! just look at these soldiers!

the price is the best part!

with the affordable price,its already in a full sized bottle,bigger than our local caronia brand

a sample comparison of my etude orange polish compared to the jocarste orange

and actual orange jocarste on my hand

with purple jocarste on my hand

You can get it at watsons,and landmark,but not all watsons carry them,and colors are usually limited,the best colors get sold quickly! i cant find anymore purple ones.

Already having doubts that i can get hold of their clear top coat,cause they ran out so fast! havent seen an actual bottle yet.

This is why....

Its affordable
Great color payoff
wont chip of easily
full size bottle compared to tenee wenee etude
it dries off quickly!
as for yellow nails,the result is quite the same with other local polishes,2 weeks will make my nails yellow.
although i dont leave my polish on for two weeks long,i change regularly because it chips off after a week,(with frequent handwashing and alcohol)
wont chip off easily,just use a nice top coat


  1. i have a couple of jocarste polishes din...especially the glitter ones because i use them in frankening e.they smell awful nga lang.hehe
    i was sad when one of my jocarste broke.buti na lang hindi tumapon yung polish sa maleta ko(i store all my polishes kasi in a suitcase e).

  2. thiamere, mine doesnt smell, it has that polish smell to it but lighter than those local brands we have, maybe the smell will intensify later on :)
    thanks for sharing :)