Friday, December 10, 2010

my HG hair wax

Whenever i have a bad hair day, i love to tie my hair in a bun,putting the bun way way up!but my tiny hairs are so stubborn they kept on peeping out,do u know what i mean? maybe because im experiencing falling hair lately,small newborn hair come out of no where!the bun should be a lil bit messy,but the rest of my head should be smooth,i usually use my "siao shr" hair wax i bought in watsons hongkong,its gel like consistency smoothes out any frizzies,without being sticky like a gel usually bought locally,it is also not a wax.but thats what they call them in hongkong i guess, it is very inexpensive stuff only Php100 below,u only need a small amount.sad;y i ran out,i asked someone to buy for me in hongkong but she could not find it!..boohoo!!!

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